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8 years ago

Michael passed away? Damn!

Thank you Mr. Piper for your tireless efforts and for educating and enlightening so many of us. You will be dearly missed.

8 years ago

Michael Collins “the butt pirate” Piper passed away? Damn! Thank you Mr. Pirate …I mean Piper for passing away. Many of you may not really know who and what POS Piper was. Allow me to explain a bit…”In Memoriam”. Im the faggots book, False Flags: Template for Terror (2013)–featuring images of Lee Harvey Oswald, Osama bin Laden, Timothy McVeigh, Adam Lanza and Dzhokhar Tsamaev on its cover– Michael Collins Pooper argues that those who noticed Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing were false flag events due to the massive body of evidence – are not simply wrong about the facts of the matter but are implementing the program of “cognitive infiltration” advanced by Cass Sunstein as tools of the government. Got that? Pooper was an… Read more »

JesusHitlerSameOrSomething AKA JHSOS
8 years ago

All I know about Mr. Piper is that he did 6 million shows about a guy named Christopher Bollyn…All unlistenable…In between that issue and being patriotic or something…and JFK…

He would talk about…NOT talking about the holohoax…

Just like NOT talking about psyops…

One thing I know for sure though…If Piper is dead…That still makes the kids at Newtown NOT dead.

Steven J Lewis
8 years ago

Pat or is it Tom, you said the host causes discord and fragmentation. How so? Usually I find the followers of some hosts that will launch into attack mode when someone disagrees with them or their fav host. Those same people took issue with those who researched Sandy Hook and said the shooting happened but attached their wagon onto someone like Halbig who believes the Holocaust happened and Obama had thrown Israel under the bus who by the way he referred to Israel as our strongest ally. He also said his father was in a nazi concentration camp. If that doesn’t make your Jew radar or jewdar shoot up then something is wrong with your line of thought. In other words, someone who loves Israel,… Read more »

JesusHitlerSameOrSomething AKA JHSOS
8 years ago

Nope. He said nothing about the host just MCP. Obviously. Pat did not and never has endorsed that Polish joo Halbig. And Halbig has said NOTHING that puts forth the truth about Newtown. Period.

He is a one of an endless number or gov’t or simply mafia paid retards for you or others to pay attention to. I think Jim Fetzer thinks he matters. If you think Jim Fetzer matters than you are a person that thinks Jim Fetzer matters.

Halbig is beyond ridiculous. Polish/German…Bullshit…Joo JOO Joo…

Limited hangout…Mark Glenn approved.

8 years ago

So essentially what Tom (aka Pat) is saying is that if you don’t believe everything is fake. You must be a government shill. Despite sending 40 years of your life calling out the true enemy.
Get your fucking priorities straight.

Todd Parker
8 years ago


Today was a sad day for me. Thanks for doing the tribute to Michael Piper.

Like you, I used to listen to him in the early days on RBN; he had a profound impact on my awakening amid the noise and nonsense of the patriotards.

From Bob Chapman, to Edgar Steele, Aaron Russo, Jack McLamb and others, we’ve lost a lot.

Again, thanks. . .

8 years ago

Pat belched:

“Michael Collins “the butt pirate” Piper passed away? Damn!

Thank you Mr. Pirate …I mean Piper for passing away.”

You’re a crude, vulgar, obnoxious piece of sh*t without any decency, shame or class. Michael accomplished more in his 54 years than a miserable nobody like you would be capable of doing in 1000 years.

Low-life trash.

8 years ago

Fuck you Pat. No one else was talking that Israel killed Kennedy until Michael Collins Pipers book came out – no one. Mike said Boston might have been a false flag he just didn’t believe the ridiculous crisis actors bullshit. And if you believe Sandyhook was a conspiracy you’re fucking retarded.

8 years ago

Kennedy and his families corruption created many enemies, even among their fellow criminals. At the big convention, Israel may have been the last to OK the hit.
My only complaint is, what took so long?
Some one should have taken that scumbag out in ’59.

8 years ago

Yes Pat, how dare Michael suggest that such mentally balanced and totally-not-infighting-over-trivial-bullshit paragons of White activism such as yourself just might be engaging in black propaganda.

RIP, Mike.

8 years ago

Sandyhook was obviously part of a conspiracy.

8 years ago

This picture comparison proves it (lol):

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