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10 years ago

Great show, Sieg

Though I don’t call into the shows, I listen to them every week and appreciate what you guys are doing.
I also highly enjoy your choice of music since classical is my passion.n
Keep doing what you do best.

10 years ago

Hi Sieg, first time listener from germany..i really like your show,i think you are a very intelligent person and im fully on your side except.. living in a german town with 20% muslim inhabitants i have lots of contact with “dem muzlims”..let me tell you,they(at least the younger generation) are about as german as every other blond/blue eyed person here-which is not meant as a compliment,since the majority here is totally blind regarding the “jew-world-order” topic.. fiddling with their smart phones,wearing the latest fashion and the rest of the BS,contemporary “sheeple”-to use this jonestein-term-are occupied with these days.. Meaning,they are just as mindless as my fellow citizens are,but not a lost case.. Just look at the riots in Istanbul e.g. after the turkish govt. support… Read more »

10 years ago

jonestein, WTF… who cares what they fiddle devices… they are no Germans and don´t belong to us. Or you like the Islamic Republic of Germany? Which is the eventual result. Every mohammedan is a tool of the global jihad for the global caliphate.
Being a German myself, I want to correct the impression towards the mohammedan invadors in germany. They don´t belong here and they have to go. It doesn´t matter if you can get along with some individually. They don´t belong here. Just to be plain clear in that point.
Negroes don´t belong here, them being nice or them being savages. Chinese don´t belong here, them being hardworking, modest, nonviolent, or not.

10 years ago

well,you have to see it from a historical perspective..those turks only came to germany thanks to the jews killing off millions of good german men in WW2..if it wasnt for the jewish hijacking of the financial system all those ethnicities wouldnt have the NEED to come here in the first place.
of course the growing mulitculuralism is deplorable,but its only the syptom of a deeper problem..

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