Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 11-8-13

Episode XXV: Odal Rune Bearers’ Rise PART III

The Two Towers (from which the vermin cowers!). Also on the agenda: Tec Invaders and modern scorched earth policy (miscellaneous races and their behavior in USA, Southern American Odal, & Mr. Imperium.

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10 years ago

Excellent show!…keep up the great work…WPWW….

10 years ago

It is safe to say that Nationalism will prevail someday over the “individualist mentality” of really what America and it’s robber barrons of the past with their “right is might” have been all about. I really think that Seig understands the concept of community as real wealth versus the robber barron of the “might is right”. Also, “leaderless resistance” is an oxy moron. Last but not least, there is no such thing as a lone wolf. Wolves function in packs. The only time you will see a lone wolf is when it is discarted from the pack and left to die.

10 years ago

kMy first “ritht is might” was an error, I meant “might is right” of the robber barrons.

10 years ago

Heil Sieg,. Im an English man and i can confirm what you say, firstly not all english people support the multi-kult program. It seems to be the liberal social climbers who support it and who are educated by jews in university and then dictate to the rest of us how to integrate, while they live in gated communitys. I can say the working class people resent the hell out of it and always have. i can also say people here are very angry they just dont know who to hate, mainly because its illegal to point the finger at the culprit. But i must say ive never been more hopefull because everyone now knows the leaders of our country are nothing but dirty lying scumbags.

10 years ago

Hello Siegfried Good Show.What is the name of the German Illustrator that did all those Illustrations of The Red Army raping the German girls and depicts The Allied Forces as the real enemies of humanity?

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