Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 12-13-13

Episode XXX: Call of the Ancestors

The 14 words, the history unfolding, the supreme need for Cultural Eugenics, New World Aryans.  Siegfried will be on at 8 PM Eastern tonight!

Click here to download

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7 years ago

Superb show as usual Siegfried. Your knowledge of our European history inspires us all. Keep up the good work man!

7 years ago

Hey Siegfried, your shows great mate, makes me look forward to the tedious work task of operating heavy machinery on the mine site i work on! The history is fascinating, the humor cracks me up and your un-relenting position on the juden and race heartens me. I have but one question, what was the celtic sounding song you played, the one with the brooding drums?? cheers

Tom from Aus.

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