Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 12-31-13

Episode XXXI: Óðr and Volkssturm

Join the host for a penultimate 3 hour long hiatus special discussion on society, race, and activism. Some poetry readings from the host and others will be read. Your calls strongly encouraged!

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Kevin Sommers

You’re right with your mini-rant about the chatroom and behavior of some listeners here. I’ve been listening to the shows here maybe two weeks now, but I checked out the network months and months ago.(whenever you started advertising on thuleanperspective Siegfried) I just couldn’t take the network seriously at the time, whatever show I tuned into had three drunken callers in a row. I can assure you I’m not the only one who tuned in at an in-opportune moment and left. Judging from what I’ve seen recently a lot of progress has been made toward the site image but there is still work to do. I don’t know if you remember me from TP, and there were a number of people using the name ‘Siegfried’… Read more »


Renaissance man Siegfried recites poetry, regulates trolls, and revives Robbie Legend in this perhaps last episode of Ragnarok Now. I thank him for all the shows.


sieg ain’t going nowhere – besides, its like the AB, blood in, blood out – just kidding


Sieg made a perceptive point about so-called “Traditional” Christians. Of course our true tradition is Heathen. It IS an insult for Christians to try and claim the crown of Tradition.


Appreciate all the broadcasts you’ve done Siegfried, and wish you all the best with your future endeavours!

[…] [As read on my New Year's Eve broadcast found here] […]

Siegfried, I am glad that you have said what you have elected to say, as it most certainly, in the most unambiguous way conceivable, warranted saying – though I confess, greedy bastard that I am, it disheartens me to know your sage – albeit ruffled counsel – punctuates your verbal absence for a time. I enjoy the higher strains of Victorian and Baroque embellishment which you clearly practise to wit – it is both rare and sorely needed, lest the virtues it court be lost to us in the rising tide of LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) mentality that always defines what the great waste of genetic refuse Karl Marx dubbed the “Lumpenproletariat.” For what it is worth, your words are not unappreciated, especially one but… Read more »