Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 6-28-13

Odal Rune Bearers’ Rise Part II:

There and Attack Again; The Dawning of the New Mythic Age

Join Siegfried at 3PM EST for a crash course to Mankind’s course.  The past, present and future will be explored along with written pieces of the host’s own mind.  Calls welcome as always.

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11 years ago

Great show, great music, great mind.

Dana Antiochus
11 years ago

you were on fire Sieg, great show

11 years ago

Excellent show !! 🙂

11 years ago

Great broadcast. These truly are challenging times we live in. As you said, we have been struggling for existence for centuries, and yet, we have still managed to achieve some great things. We do have our faults, and those need to be addressed. As depressing as things look, they could also be seen as a great opportunity for us to reconstruct ourselves, mending all the faults, and replacing all the retarding institutions, and belief systems, that led us to where we are today, with better alternatives, such as has been suggested on this network.

11 years ago

Thank you, Grazie, Danke, and Merci!

Yes Gwyth, I believe that the bleakness should NEVER overtake us at a time like this. If you let it do so, the lives of the entirety of our people (those who have lost family members to MULTICULTURALISM, delusional leftists and ignorant conservs) are truly forfeit and have no vanguard to speak and/or ACT on their behalf.

11 years ago

Siegfried how do you spell that German band name and song towards the end of the broadcast? Id like to find a copy somewhere. I like your shows. Thanks!

Reply to  jewinator
11 years ago

That would be Faun playing ‘Koenig im Thule’. Thanks for your kind words!

Reply to  Siegfried
11 years ago

Thanks again Siegfried.

11 years ago

Excellent show Siegfried.I just want to say that I appreciate your show and the work that you put into it as well as everyone else hereat Renegade Broadcasting.

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