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10 years ago

Comment on my replies on the last Roundtable thread and I will download this tomorrow.

Reply to  Damon
10 years ago

Damon, this is not all about you. Stop bothering hosts with your shit. I, for one, couldn’t care less if you download a show or not. If you want to discuss this on the roundtable tomorrow night, I should be around for it and would love to let you know what I think.

Reply to  Renegade
10 years ago

I am not as polite as your guys always talking over me..
So you can continue letting me know what you think here.

I decided after the last roundtable I was on to not waste my time calling into shows because there has obviously been a “dont let Damon talk much or at all” conspiracy between all of your hosts because I am against smoking & drinking.

10 years ago

Great Show as always Siegfried.I look forward to your shows each and every friday.1488.

Reply to  Gary
10 years ago

Much appreciated! That’s wondrous to hear, er, read 🙂

10 years ago

Hey Sieg,

I told you this a few days ago, but I really think your discussion on “epic” and “random” was very important. It seems in today’s culture words and their definitions are rapidly changing. I don’t think this is necessarily a good thing either. How can one generation understand another if the words used are constantly remolded to fit the “times.” And there are other serious repercussions of course. Thank you ! 🙂

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