Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 9-6-13

Episode XVII: Imperium Europa Now

Dana Antiochus joins the show for a discussion on history, the rhymeswith BLOG’s war ventures, culture and education in the USA. Bon appetito! This anti-antifa no spin zone brought you by Papa John’s Piesah and the Great White Noidz.

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7 years ago

Brilliant Show As Always Siegfried!

7 years ago

Another good show. It would be cool if you (Siegfried) would be on the Roundtable more often. As for the poll – What type (examples)of famous Aryan writings are you considering? I voted YES! as for that clip – Can you imagine a town of just mud people? All with the same color hair & all with the same eye color (iris the same black as the pupils)? We have our own diversity with the different hair colors & the different beautiful eye colors. Always nice to hear Dana’s take.

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