The Realist Report: John Kaminski (3-2-15)


On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined by the one and only John Kaminski. John and I will be discussing his recent essay “You Should Be Concerned About Your Hopeless Future,” as well as other current events. Calls are welcome!

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Chris Taylor

This has horrible sound quality peppered throughout. The breaking up of the audio is ridiculous and makes it impossible to share broadcasts to newbies.

Plus John and his blame Whites nonsense. I hates Whites more than jews. Really? Are you sure you’re pro-White?


Renegade seems to be watering down its message.I do not listen that much anymore because of the poor sound quality on most of the broadcasts that I have tuned in to.

John Friend is a race mixer,so I would not expect anything less from him concerning his hatred of whites.

Yes, the sound quality sucked for much of the show. That’s BlogTalkRadio for you. I didn’t notice any problems during the show though.

How could either of you claim that I am “blaming Whites” for our situation? I simply said that the people that are supposed to be leading our nation have sold out to the Jews. We have a bunch of cowardly, traitorous scum running the West today. Are you saying that is not the case?


Jews could never have gained power in our societies if European morality had not already been degraded to the point that selfish materialism takes precedence over the security of our people. Our own White leaders sell us out. As Julius Evola inferred, blaming the Jew for our problems is a humiliating admission of inferiority. Sure, there are Jews in positions of power who work against us. But, there are many more Whites who enable them. Too many people are approaching our struggle from the perspective of an inverse Jew, rather than from a position of honor. Don’t be a whiny inverse Jew. Be a real antiSemitic. Fight with honor, as an Aryan.

Michael , What is a jew IYO. ? IMO they are a genetically different race than Whites of the White race . They are similar to other races genetically of the Mediterranean regions of this planet . I think those races call themselves semitics I think but they are all very similar to one another and want (apparently) , to destroy each other. At least that is what I have been told by the rich people controlled media. What is weird is their are a lot of Whites , of the White race that call / Claim , themselves to be jews & I am very confused as to if a White person of the White race can be a jew even if their genetics… Read more »


O.K.Michael then let’s drop the word jew from our speech and thought.We will resume the class struggle and fight against our own bourgeoisie like good little Marxists.It’s all the white man’s fault [sarcasm].Who did the N.S,D,A.P. blame ,the German “folk” ?

It seems to me that the Germans’ thinking got straightened out rather quickly after the ENEMY was identified,dealt with and the correct propaganda was put in place. Aryan pride was restored as was the morailty of the nation .There are causes; there are symptoms,and confusing the two will simply confound the issue ,getting us nowhere.


I can go along with that, BB. At least you seem to have an informed opinion. Although, I approach the subject from the perspective of a person of noble blood, I understand that some of Evola’s opinions at first look, seem unpalatable to others. Nevertheless, the traditionalist viewpoint remains valid to varying degrees. As far as “What’s a Jew?” I couldn’t care less. Jews make up about 1.5 to 2.5 percent of the U.S. population. Do you really think they are that much more advance than you? At least you KNOW that their interests may conflict with your own. We have enough problems dealing with antiWhites, and if we can get sympathetic Whites to jump on board, the issue of Jewish influence peddlers will take… Read more »


And, gammray, you really didn’t drop the word jew, did you? Took me a minnit! 🙂 Of course, the Jewish influence was a negative factor in German society. Nobody is saying that it wasn’t. As I have already stated, Jewish influence would not have risen to such prominence without the prerequisite decline of European spiritual identity, coupled with the materialism of the empowered middle class. I’m not really sure about your point. But, hey, who wouldn’t trade his spiritual identity for a fat Walmart gift card? Another fact that you seem to overlook is that Hitler was able to unite Germans against Jews, as antagonists. In the United States, there are more White Christian Zionists than there are Jews, and they are NOT on our… Read more »

Personally, apart from his critique of modernity, I can’t stand Evola. Any valid critiques or useful questions posed in his ‘Three Aspects of the Jewish Problem’ concerning the anti-jewish positions/perspectives popular in Germany at that time are obscured and rendered worthless by his abstruse and effete solutions / answers to.

Also, let us not allow a Sicilian dadaist to lecture us on race and tradition. His take on the former and arbitrary definition of the latter are useless in the real world.


Michael is a perfect example of the watering down of the message that I referred to earlier.White Christian Zionists do not control the system we are living under nor does the middle class.Who promotes this crass materialism through their social media ? Who has a long sordid historey of corrupting and collapsing society after society ? He reduces Jewish domination of all aspects of this country to a mere negative factor.By the “empowered middle class” he is implying that whites are the main problem.Then he adds insult to injury by stating that NOBODY is going to change their mind by reading M.K.This dovetails into what John Friend was also saying about how it is the white people themselves at fault.They are their own worst enemy.… Read more »


I think you are missing the point, gammaray.
I am as antiSemitic as anyone and am well aware of their negative influence in our society.
However, blaming the Jew, who are our natural competitors,
while refusing to hold traitorous Whites who empower them, is weak-minded ignorance.
They are ALL antiWhite. AntiWhitism is our problem.
They all contribute to our destruction.


Wolf Wall Street did a podcast March 9 on Fourth Position Radio that Michael should listen to.


Jews are around 2% of the U.S. population, and less than that take part in politics and media. Do you really think they rose to positions of national influence because they are so superior to 90% (1965) of the population? really? no White responsibility for White genocide, huh? Jews are our whole problem…White Zionists don’t matter at all. LOL whatever … The POINT is that the average White American does not care about jews. They don’t even realize that they are an endangered species, and they have been conditioned since prior to WWII to resist whatever they interpret as antiSemitism. This is the hard fact that you are missing. You have to get them to recognize a THREAT, before you can even begin to point… Read more »

the Jew would not be a threat without his cunning ability to influence massive numbers of both non-whites and even more importantly, our own race. that implies we have a weakness/immune deficiency as WWS likes to say, which is at least partially caused by Christian universalism/altruism, a religion that has Judaism as its parentage, among other factors. White traitors are actually more evil – more of an enemy, in that respect, that the jew. if we didn’t have so many spineless sell-outs who eagerly betray their race for cash and prominence or popularity – we would not have a republican party as the phony ineffective half of the bicameral system…and if whites weren’t so gullible and easily manipulated you would not have so many putting… Read more »

the George Will’s and most recently, this University president that expelled those students for the racist fraternity chant, and literally anybody who repeats the lies of history and propaganda are all equally our enemy as much as Barbara Spectre or Annetta Kahane or the countless numbers of the Yid army.


I agree, Antiochus. I don’t deny, at all, the negative Jewish influence on White society. However, to overlook the innumerable antiWhite White traitors is willful ignorance. The POINT that I have been trying to make, which has been made by others, including Horus the Avenger and Angelo John Gage, is that the common “sheep” will not be attracted to a message to which they have already been pre-conditioned to oppose (i.e.: perceived as ant-Semitic). On the other hand, if we get the masses to acknowledge White genocide, they will figure out who is responsible on their own. The meme of White Genocide is palatable and not immediately resisted. Our enemy would prefer us to look at the evil Jew, than to scrutinize the real issue… Read more »

“we have a weakness/immune deficiency as WWS likes to say, ” – Well if that is the case, and it may well be, from the plains of Iran thru northern mountains of China into the Indus Valley, where no jew nor any of today’s religions/polical/philosophies existed, we rotted and disintegrated into racial destruction. So maybe it is true, “it is not he or she or them or it”. Or perhaps as the culture’s fundamental values were eroding they took Nietzsche literally and all started living according to his own creative will and that “most calamitous error, morality” powerful hold on those cultures relinquished to the strongest barbarian’s will to power.