Reaping The Harvest Live w/ Rev. Levi Abraham 7-2-13

Join Rev. Levi Abraham for his debut broadcast of “Reaping The Harvest Live”. Tonight Rev. Levi will discuss God and Bagels and how that relates to British Israelites globally. Also Da Black Son, CI Rapper will join the Rev. for a must listen show. Be There!!

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10 years ago

LOL LOL, you guys are brilliant!

Yahi-Vahi Kaufman
10 years ago

DSCI, 100% Kosher Certified! Oy Vey!

10 years ago

About time ya’ll got some real religion up in here and it is
good to hear you’re coming around to the Bagelian Dialectic!

Great that Alex Jones and Mike Delaney are combining forces!
Now the fake Jews don’t stand a chance against us real Jews!

Cya at Identity Christian United (ICUNT) benefit concert!
Just ordered Da Black Son tour tickets, front row, aww yeah!

10 years ago

Hhahaha,great laugh!

10 years ago

Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant! Rev.Levi Abraham and Robbie Legend were especially funny
Josh Reeves should join ICUNT if he can get get along with everybody and is not too busy being the poor man’s s David Icke.

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