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Hey Mike, and everyone here at Renegade. This is the only set of shows out there worth listening to. And Sledge, next show we do you’re coming on man… I’ll talk to Keith and set something up!


Great show Mike! I grew up in a very nationalistic Serbia during the war in the past war of Yugoslavia! We had all type of nationalists!We had types that were realy concerned about our people and that were doing whats best for our people,even those that sleep and do not understand what nationalism is at all! Then we had idiots who wanted to slaughter everyone that dissagrees with them!Those types of nationalists were slaughtering inocent women and children just because they were not Serbs,and wich when they had to prove them selfs in a real batle were runing like bitches!! I see that Nationalism is very new for people in this so called movement,they have no idea what happends when war starts and shit hits… Read more »


Mike, we have to find slogans to ridicule, “Hate Speech”. I can think of a T shirt saying, “I Love Hate Speech” using the heart symbol instead of the word itself. That might give rise to a bit of cognitive dissonance. Some of you might come up with something much better. We need to find really sarcastic and funny slogans ridiculing Hate Speech.


Nope, “I (heart) Hate Speech” is excellent!


How about “The Three Wise Monkeys?” ‘See Evil, Hear of Evil, SPEAK OF EVIL’

Great show as always Mr Sledge, good point by Keith about monitoring TV, I do it all the time, i like to think Ive opened a few peoples eyes to the vast over-population of jews and queers on UK TV and radio.

Irish Sean

GTR man is a legend.He points out through a blog called The Irish Savant http://irishsavant.blogspot.ie/?zx=5319d7788fc63748 the over representation of Jews, Knob jockeys{Homos} and blacks on State Tv and radio in Britain. I am constantly surprised by his revelations and use his info to point out the hidden agenda to newbies.

Mike,I emailed you over a year ago warning you about Greg from N.J. and that all conspiracies are not theories but are facts.I felt that you were the most down to earth and sincere one of the bunch.The REBEL and GREG N.J.both seemed suspect to me from the very beginning. Having said that,I believe you are way off base on this one.Not only do Sid and Bill bring fresh outlooks to the table,but they also stayed focused and stay on point.I can agree with you about Rob.But Bill and Sid,especially Sid coming out of an esoteric/conspiracy background could do much to lift Renegade to a much higher deeper level of analysis.The couple shows he did blew me away. It appears to me that you guys… Read more »


Hey, Sid here. Since i’m no longer doing a show here i haven’t been following as much. Glad to hear someone liked my material. My email is oscardirlewanger@gmx.com
please email me and stay in contact

Your show was better than the nonsense most of the Renegade shows focus on and repeat.

Now that Jim is back I’m done listening to Renegade. When he calls in the show is ruined from that point for sure.

Same with Wolf Wall St. which I thought was bad until Jim out did Bob in being an annoyance.

That sound clip of the sniper was appropriate at the end of Kyle’s speech, because it is exactly what Kyle was hinting at, then Kyle attempts to turn it around against Rob. Whatever!

Dear Mike, First, Serb up top needs to be listened to! This is something I have tried to talk to others about and even though I am not totally on board with Tomislav Sunic, a Croatian, and his “New Right” ideas ala de Benoit, he was right when he pointed out the problem of petty nationalism and petty nationalists. I am always shocked at the shit I hear about from the Balkans. Songs about Serbs, Bosnians, and Croats killing each other were being broadcast in music videos before the Balkan wars. And even though the Albanian Kosovars are another issue and ethnically distinct, many argue not White and are Mongrels, even looking at the way that conflict escalated it was a clusterfuck of petty nationalists!… Read more »


Hi konrad. There is a huge difference between Europeans and European Americans especialy people from Balkan. We in Balkan countries had so many wars in history,invasions,ethnic clensings so we are somehow prepared for a war from a early age! Here is a common thing that politics and histoy are being disscused at a diner table!We basicly grow up hearing stories from our grand parents and parents of what happend in the past and that history repeats so we alwyas have to be avare about what might happen in the future. History has shown us that we always have to be prepared and never relax too much.This is somehow in our genes. Here when shit hits the fan,we emmidiately put our difference aside and act as… Read more »

Serb ~ I remember clearly that 1999 day when Lafayette Park across from the White House was filled with Balkans people — Chetniks wearing Chetnik caps, Partisans wearing Triglav caps, and old ladies carrying religious Triptychs.

They were no longer fighting amongst themselves, but were protesting the evil kikejewed monsters who supported criminals in Albania and the phony Al Qaeda op.

Their protestations changed no crazed kikejew or lapdog kikejewthinker that afternoon, but not long after the youth of Belgrade stood strong on a bridge meant for destruction — and held !!!



Hi Bob. Yes i know about these demostrations.I have family from Chicago that was in DC that year protesting.Lot of my family were Chetniks that fled Serbia to USA afther WW2 from communists! We in Serbia have all kind of poltical ideas and in peaceful times we debate each other and many times do not like each other because of political differencies. But we have a thousend year old saying in Serbia that is our mantra! Its “”ONLY UNITY SAVES the SERBS”” or in serbian “”Samo Sloga Srbina Spasava”” Thats 4 letters S or a C in cirilic that you will find on Serbian flag. When we get attacked by outside force,we put our political differencies aside,we unite to free our nation and then later… Read more »


We in Serbia call WW2 a “”BROTHERLY WAR””,it was a war that divided our people and brought communists in wich did as musch as harm to Serbs as turks did.


dr William Pierce,Hands of Yugoslavia


Westerners know little of the “Field of Sorrows” — the Tours/Vienna of the Balkans. Though that Battle was lost, the region as a whole stood firm as a bulwark against Eastern insanity.

Great presentation by Dr. Pierce. [“Eastern” should be “Oriental” in the above.]


Yes Bob,most of the people have no idea about “Field of Sorrows” ! We in Balkans have bean a border wich protected the west from the turks! In fact Serbia and Bosnia (wich at that time bosnians were serbs and croats) were the most unrestful places in Ottoman empire! Its documented in history books about Ottomans in Istanbul! Constant uprisings,attacks on turks,no obidiance,ambush on turky millitary by Hajduks! Sadly enough we didnt get much help from the west! But when Wien almost fell,polish Slavs came to save their ass! Turkey still lobies thru bosnian muslims and albanian muslims in the Balkans!Nato gives turks an open road to dominate Balkan again!Greece is weak so turks see their chance! One is for sure,as long as we exist(Serbs,Romanians,Greeks,Bulgarians,Macedonians)… Read more »

Mike. Thank you for the apology. You are a TRUE ARYAN. I respect you and admire you more than I could ever say. You a man of Honor and Nobility. Thank you again and again, Comrade Mike Sledge.

Nothing wrong hating the ones who screw over you and are destroying you. As far as Mormons..I agree with David Lane–Original Mormons was exclusively White. Joseph Smith was hell of an organizer. He started his his White Adamic Masonry to oppose Judeo Masonry: Becuase he did this he was killed by the Judeo Masons. As far as Mitt Romney–he is a sell out traitor of the original Mormons–he has even adopted a pickaninny. I agree with your blood tests for all–hell give lie detector tests to to find out who the ZOG AGENTS are!!!Hope this dont get censored like my last posts. Just my Opinion and View. Hail Victory LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

drew ma

Have me on this week mike

This show is how Mike responded back when I meantioned on my first roundtable appearance last summer 8/1/2013 I think (featuring the alcoholic drunks LUGH and MIKE from the start) about how your god Hitler was against smoking, alcohol etc. and the several chemical ingredients in cigarettes. Search it online, cigarettes contain the meth and RAT POSION and CANCER that Mike inhales. So it’s funny how he tries to say hate is cancer and rat posion while smoking cigarettes which REALLY ARE THOSE THINGS. What retards smokers are! They always try stupid arguments to defend their nasty gross white trash habit. He throws in some exaggerated things in there to cover for his main fear of giving up booze. The movement has always been a… Read more »


Youre so fucking right Mike….”The Jewish Manchurian Candidate”. Also, how about a kosher movie along the same lines, about a kike pedo manchurian MK ultra nanny called mary fucking popinski who is always trying to hatch schemes to steal gentile children, called : “The hand that rocks the Dreidel “


Very provocative topic. I submit that we face a dilemma here that is going to take some level of sheer luck to overcome. Radical politics acts to split the organic bonds between people, but we must ask “what kind of people?” The two extremes of what we can see as acceptable action are: 1: Take care of your family and be involved in your community; knowing that your community, and even parts of your family will shun you for your understanding of the bigger picture, don’t advocate for these still unspoken ideas. 2: Disown all around you in pursuit of ideological purity. Option 1 or option 2 may be right for certain people. I submit that for “bigmouths” like myself and anyone who has dedicated… Read more »


Mike you sound like an anarchist and an anti Nazi. If you want to have a civilization you have to have morals and rules. As for taking a blood test to prove I am a white man I think I could pass with flying colors. No problem! As for the Christian God I don’t see a problem since he is not jewish and is not of this world. Mike you are getting mad at God over nothing. You probably like Jews more than God does. Why do you think Dr. Goebbels went to Berlin to root out and shut down the strip joints, homo bars and burn pornography and subversive literature? He did it because it was the right and christian thing to do! A… Read more »