ReConstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 1-9-14

Tonight on the broadcast Mike Sledge will discuss how the enemy is using advanced technologies and mind control to prop up their false religious systems globally. Also the history of how the enemy has used women to infiltrate wealthy families and those involved in the movement. Also your phone calls!

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The Seeker of Truth
10 years ago

I sat on the libe for twenty minutes listening on speakerphone. When Mike recognised me I accidently hung up trying to take it off speaker. I immediately called back and sat on the line til the end of the show never to be recognised again. I dont think the “hoot queue ” does anything.’

10 years ago
10 years ago

Excellent show, the sledgehammer comes down on the Christian communist talmudic state conspiracy. They are all in on it and all guilty. Burn the churches to the ground and hang the survivors.

10 years ago

Hope yall enjoyed my sheboon impersonation. Loretta will strike again with vengeance! Hail TexASS and Satan 😉

10 years ago

I have to check out that commercial!! If they are 15%, does that mean we’re 85% !!???

10 years ago

Top show mike, i concur with your hasidic beard conspiracy, and i like the nazi weed – i have a slogan for the nazi weed campaign , its “Get SOM!” = Get State Of Mind. Also, you were on about this Ray Elwood RaEl Kook? dont forget about the Raelian organisation…this HAS IT ALL!!! In other news: things are afoot with the ‘minority communities’ in england….i believe the black community is being used here to implement further draconian restrictions on civil liberties: TPTB are proposing introducing water cannon for the first time ever on british mainland to counter the threat of violence from the black community over the [lawful] shooting of gun toting gangster mr duggan. Please see here the very first picture of… Read more »

10 years ago

To be clear: I have read plenty of “off the wall” books that some of the listeners may think are outlandish or just plain stupid, so I do not intend for anything I said to be an “attack” on Sid for referencing Joseph Farrell. IMO it matters very little whether we agree on each-others choice of reading material…what matters more is what we DO to build our communities and strengthen our spirits.

10 years ago

Dear Sir!
Damn it Mr. Sledge! WTF?!
I thought you were just supposed to be funny!?
Why do you have to keep proving that you’re so intelligent and knowledgable!?
Seriously man! I seldom feel myself laughing with mirth and educated and edified all in one show! Just listened to your ’70’s show and ’80’s show with Siegfried before this one. Really it is those times when I just am shocked because I thought I knew so much already but still you expose and point out more that allows greater insight through knowledge. Not just a sycophantic ass kissing clown here.
But I gotta say I am still not sure about Farrell and about John Keel who wrote Mothman Prophecies
Serious man!
Thank you!

Reply to  Konrad Rhodes
10 years ago

I second that!

10 years ago

You’re a bit of an asshole but you will be missed when you quit in March.

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