ReConstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 11-21-13

Tonight on ReConstructions live Sledge talks about the secret history of the “melting pot”. Also your phone calls. Be there!!!!

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Berkeley was the sight, the epicenter of the radical Jewish influence of the 60’s not San Fancisco. They tried to marry their agenda to the Hippie thing (and obviously managed to confuse many) by superficially affixing to a common cause with Whites in being against the Viet Nam war.

I maintain that this anti-hippie ranting is a way of blaming White men and/or being fooled into doing as much, for Jewish machinations. It is a disservice.

Mike Sledge

First of all the majority of individuals who were anti war were actually from the right when the Vietnam conflict first started not the hippie left. The left were MIA in the early stages of the conflict. It is my belief that Jew system used those dirty hippies who smelled like sewer water, to take over and derail the anti war movement, so as to alienate legitimate middle class working Americans from the cause. The fact is that many regular Americans from the right and the moderate center of the Southern blue dog democratic base were actually already questioning Vietnam, long before those Berkeley Frisco weirdos were. When the radical Bolshevik left created those “anti war” activists to enter the debate it actually decimated the… Read more »

Thnx Mike for explaining “actually from the right when the Vietnam conflict first started not the hippie left” as told by the jew written narrative. Also helping educate youth about JFK . 50 years after assassination of JFK
it’s time we bury the dead traitorous Kennedy’s once and for all.
JFK Racial Destroyer of America –


Great show as usual Mike. Thanks brother!

Mike, this was a fantastic show. I have covered many of these topics on my blog as well. Don’t forget NOI is a spaceship religion. All the mothership memes in the black community. Farrakhann speaks many truths in regards to the Jew Slavery topic. one has to wonder if he was exposing anything taboo, he would have been shut down years ago. Sine he promotes violence against whites and pushes the nonsense of voting etc. he serves his purpose to prop up blacks and thinking they are superior race instead of what they are an inferior one. The black leaders have duped the whole black community. as intended.. anyway, great show as usual. what si your position on this group of “toofers” who claim it’s… Read more »

Mike Sledge

I think the “troofa” BS about everything being fake was set up to make everybody believe that nothing “is real”, when we all know it is Israel lol. I totally agree with your comment above. The everything is fake crowd,driven by weirdo’s like Ed Chaweenie, drives me crazy.


I’m disappointed in Renegade broadcasting. I’m listening to the show now, but I’m disappointed none of you have said anything about the killing of Joseph Paul Franklin by the state of Missouri on behalf of the U.S. government. He was a real soldier for our race, from the U.S. And Mike, you dedicated a whole show to two kids in Greece who, for all you know have done nothing. But a soldier who was born a state away from you, who actually DID SOMETHING in your state, is murdered and he gets no mention? I don’t know if you guys are scared to give him respect or what. Whatever it is, I think it’s disgraceful. You have a gift for speaking Mike, and you’re funny… Read more »

Mike Sledge

Vincent I am not familiar with the individual you speak of. Now that you have posted about Joseph Franklin I will look into it. Anyway I don’t shy away from any topic. So relax and try not to get so upset because I did not cover that particular issue. Thanks for listening to my broadcasts. It is difficult to keep track of all the issues going on in the world. Some topics get overlooked. Anyway, like I said I will look into the Franklin issue and touch upon it next broadcast. Thanks!

Whereas Joseph Paul Franklin was given immediate attention by “the dirty communist hippie”


Hey Mike,

Why don’t you comment when people comment on your broadcast??
BTW, this was an awesome broadcast – you definitely have a way of bringing humor and truth together to sink into the white mind that is easily remembered – to use to inform the masses.

Mike Sledge

Hey everybody thanks for all the kind words. @Vinnie I usually don’t have much time with my busy schedule to respond. It is a miracle sometimes that I can get a broadcast out every week. I thank you for all the kind words and your support of Renegade. I will try to respond to more posts. Take care…

Thank you for this show Mike. Goddamnit THANK YOU. Finally a voice of sanity regarding JFK. The funny part is there was no conspiracy at all in his assassination. There is 53(!) pieces of evidence that point to Oswald and Oswald alone. It is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt 20 times over that Oswald did it. All of the conspiracy theories come from communist Jews like Mark Lane, Mae Brussell and Oliver Stone. Everyone in alternative media seems to believe this crap but how many of them have even read THE WARREN REPORT? I’m guessing not too many. As far as JFK going after the Fed, this is one of the most out of control myths in alternative media history. I can’t even… Read more »

Here is a Jewish article about Ruby’s synagogue memorial service and about how the Jews mourned JFK’s death, because unlike the conspiracy buffs, I can back up my claims about what really happened:

Interesting article there, very revealing.


everything is a con-theory until one has a scapegoat

End another JFK myth, whether executive order (EO) 11,110—signed by JFK on June 4, 1963 and supposedly repealed by LBJ within hours of JFK’s death—approved more than $4 billion in U.S. Notes, issued directly by the treasury, in place of Federal Reserve Notes which earn interest for the Federal Reserve banks. In fact, EO 11,110 dealt with granting the secretary of the treasury the authority to issue rules and regulations pertaining to freeing the secretary to act without presidential approval on silver bullion sales. As president, JFK revoked both of these with EO 11,110. What’s more, it was the Reagan administration— not LBJ—that finally repealed EO 1,110. And this EO dealt with silver certificates—not greenbacks— when Reagan signed EO 12,608, which revoked several outdated executive… Read more »

Mike, Your Don’t get It. Mike Sledge says: “First of all the majority of individuals who were anti war were actually from the right” Wherever they were from, that is fine. But I doubt that the military industrial complex, corporate interests and the CIA were anti Viet Nam war – most people would call those things, “right wing”. “when the Vietnam conflict first started not the hippie left.” You are not making a crucial distinction here. “Hippies”, i.e. White men from Radical Marxist Jews. “The left were MIA in the early stages of the conflict. It is my belief that Jew system used those dirty hippies who smelled like sewer water” It is your belief. Bye the way, did go around smelling them? “to take… Read more »

Mike Sledge

Hey DanielS go eat some fucking granola and beat some jew bongo drum and quit listening to my shows you filthy piece of shit stinking hippie who always promotes Jew Bolshevik prop!! For the most part those were not young white men in the hippie movement but rather Jew agit prop commies like you who seek to undermine real history. Go to another network. Maybe is the place for Jew!!!!

Mike Sledge

Hey DanielS you are an obvious Jew agit prop! Please don’t waste your time here at renegade promoting your Ben and Jerry’s concept of the 60’s! Please quit!!! You are looking mighty ridiculous to anyone with an IQ above flatline in this movement. Why don’t you go drop some acid and go listen to Crosby, Shills, and Hash while you light the Manora you dirty hippie!!

Hey Mike, get real. I am not the Jew or the hippy foil of your dreams. “Hey DanielS go eat some fucking granola and beat some jew bongo drum” I don’t eat granola, don’t play the Jew bongo drums. “and quit listening to my shows you filthy piece of shit stinking hippie” Listen pal, you better lay off the sauce, it is effecting your judgment. You know nothing of my hygiene, hair length, etc. Apparently you ignore politics, genetics and history as well. “who always promotes Jew Bolshevik prop!!” Who is promoting Jewish bolshevik prop? Well, you can sack that bullshit and maybe some fool will buy it but not me. “For the most part those were not young white men in the hippie” They… Read more »

If you had been criticizing wiggers, white people with dreadlocks, that sort of thing, I have raised no objection.

While not demanding a response and understanding how busy life can be:

Man, kudos for the patience. I have a very English temper and find the legal sanctions against Troll Maintenance vis a vis the methodology of Saint Beowulf in life to be loathsome and detestable. If I had to deal with the volume of Trolls you folks bring in… I’d have a drinking problem. Twice.

Also. Don’t sweat the nay-gos and doomsayers. You guys have a great balance. Humour and honesty need to go hand in hand. Once we’ve lost the ability to joke, laugh and have fun with life than there is nothing left to fight for. So yeah, I guess I’m Yoda’d out.


Fantastic podcast, Mike. One of the best I have ever heard on Renegade. This country is a total Jew creation, and will ultimately destroy itself. We have to be Johnny on the spot to pick up the pieces and reconstruct a real ARYAN NATION.


Mike and Daniel, we’re on the same team. back to basics