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10 years ago

Good show Mike. You are making the point better with regard to the pattern among baby boomers. The examples that you cite of their priorities are brilliant – the second home at the shore, the arugala (I can’t even spell it) etc. These types are not going to help. I not only appreciate your argument, I have experienced it as a generation X’r, left in the desolation of the swarm of locusts that was that generation. However, in using these examples, you are calling attention to the fact that this pattern of people of the baby boomer generation are no longer engaged in the motive for securing basic White needs on a hierarchy of motives – which was the “hippie” motive. Thus, you are by… Read more »

10 years ago

Syrian Refugee Programme Begins: Target Europe

10 years ago

You spoke of the Revolutionary Youth in Europe.

Here is their anthem that calls to form a new Pan-European Waffen SS (Men in Black):

10 years ago

Hey Mike, Thanks for the great show as always, and all of the compliments from Bill and yourself. (i got goose bumps) We felt unprepared in front of the camera, but I thought we got our point across. The main thing is we were hoping to be an inspiration to our people.

Keep up the fight, we will prevail,
Keith & Clan

10 years ago

Hi Mike,

Your broadcast tonight reminded me a an old silent movie that was recommended on a website I was one while researching the jews. It’s called Birth of a Nation, When Blacks take over a Nation. It was made in 1915 as a silent movie. The movie was a preview of exactly what is happening now.

Please watch. It’ll stick in your mind like glue:

If you get a minute email me a let me know what you thought of it.

Great broadcast by the way.



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