ReConstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 2-20-14

The ridiculous state of alternative media. From trolls to paid SPLC hate mongers, to uneducated goof balls. Plus a new episode of the alcoholics corner and great gourmet recipes. Be there!!!

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I used to listen to Carolyn Yeager’s talk shows but there came a point during a debate about alleged death camps where she turned into a jewish feminist and banned me. My position was that Auschwitz Birchenau looked like a labor camp or a POW camp and I cast doubt on the theory that those piles of rubble were gas chambers and crematoriums. I’d say she gave herself away good and proper.

Right on Mike.


Great show Mike, it was much needed. I’m pretty new to pro-white thinking, but I’m absolutely on board – with a major caveat: I think ALL these skinheads, C.I., Creators, and neo-nazis of all stripes are ALL FRAUDS at the highest levels, and DUPES in secondary positions and on the ground. These groups require “true believers” who are easily shunted into closed belief systems which require blind faith – not critical thinking – to maintain their influence. If these issues of jewish psychopathy and white survival are as important as we think they are, then of course this arena is going to be crawling with agents whose only goal is to undermine and corrupt any kind of sane discourse With their sieg heils and constant… Read more »

Heini Völker

Great comment, 100% agreed!


JamesWI, the John Malpezzi thing with Tom Metzger is enough to raise suspicion about what Metzger actually is. Metzger was also on the Turner radio network before Hal Turner was outed as a federal asset. How the hell does one explain that. I used to be on Metzger’s email list for news updates and the forwarded email addresses for his updates would routinely leak out so everyone on his email list, including the feds and SPLC folks, could see the entire email list. In my naivety about plants in this “movement” I thought it was done accidentally, I know better now. in 2007 I received a letter from the ATF informing me that my phone number showed up on a federal wire tap of Metzger’s… Read more »

Heini Völker

Interesting links:

lol, a cousin?

In my opinion, the guy is agent-provocatuer of highest levels and sets many young naive angry men into very dangerous paths!


Jesus is just alright!!! ROTFLMAO!!!


I forgot to mention, Great show Mike! I think one thing this movement lacks is normal, working class, family oriented people out front.


Mike’s shows are my favourite in this here”genre”. When he’s serious, like last week, its engaging, when he throws in the humour and satire, its great-and, in my opinion, the way to go.

Check out these vids, hes probably another little jewboy, I hope not, cos these songs are damn funny:

Ylvis “The Fox” PARODY!!!!! What the Black Says

Because I’m White (Afroman Parody) ~ Rucka Rucka Ali

Rucka Rucka Ali – We’re All Asian

Here is a random generator that creates plausible-sounding post-grad post modern waffle,
its excellent. Now ANYONE can be a Humanities Lecturer:

“The essay you have just seen is completely meaningless and was randomly generated by the Postmodernism Generator.”
Just refresh the page for a brand new bullshit essay!

Impress those chicks with the dyed bright-red hair!


I forgot this; Sledge mentioned Morton Downey Jr:

Morton Downey Jr – Jewish Racism

Check out his wiki page: he once had a meltdown and drew a swastika on his face, told the cops he’d been attacked by skinheads!

Scant to none evidence of him being jew, though, wiki says “Irish/English”


Mike. Excellent Show! I shave my head though! It’s because I had a receding hairline since I was 20ish. It looks much better shaved than having a comb over and I have a somewhat decent shaped head lol Anyways. You were spot on. I do wish there could be a bridge built upon a strong foundation with Renegade and websites like Mami’s. Not that I represent either faction. I do feel that there are sincere, good people in both parties. It seems to me that both websites, the people behind them, and the people that invest their time in both websites have more in common and have a lot of the same basic/intermediate level principles/goals. Why is it that we spend a lot of time… Read more »


I meant responsibility in the last sentence.

The caller stating that the Jews are concerned about CI was completely shut down thanks to Mike’s research and ability to debate with facts. Way to shut down that troll! Thanks for the Blood in the Face recommendation. Out of all the radio networks out there, Renegade seems to be the best out there for me to learn something new and/or different than what I thought I knew, which causes me to research more.


Thanks for your thoughts Thomas. At this point I would agree with your 3 point assessment.

A great show, and I agree and sympathize with your frustration with all the subversive and cretinous elements in the White Nationalist movement. I’m no Skinhead either, nor do I like their booze and tattoo subculture, nor do I think much of their approach to politics, but I do appreciate that some of them (the less extreme types) are genuine people who care about the future of their race. More importantly, I think your comments about Harold A. Covington are unjustified and ignorant. But hey! you don’t have to take my word for it, just check out their material for yourself. HAC and the Northwest Front aren’t disrespecting any other White Nationalists and their work – so far as I can see – is a… Read more »