Reconstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 2-27-13

The first broadcast as Reconstructions Live. Tonight I will be presenting the “NATIONAL PROTECTIONISM” Manifesto. I will be presenting this manifesto for the first time. This is a broadcast that I hope can unite all the Nationalist movements globally. It is time that we stand up as International nationalists against this global tyranny. Please tune in!

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White Rabbit
11 years ago

Mike, really glad to hear you end your show today with “Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody”.

You’re “getting on message” against White Genocide! You even used the term White Genocide in the show. Great work.

Someone over at BUGS made some comments about your show today, over at

Keep up the great work, and remember: it’s not about “the jews”, it’s about ANTI-WHITES, of any shape, color, form, whatever.

11 years ago

GREAT show Mike, EXACTLY what we need to be hearing! Very well laid out Manifesto and I love the phrase NATIONAL PROTECTIONISM. Let us know when the written Manifesto will be available online.

11 years ago

I just noticed something peculiar…ever wondered about the two symbols on the video (jootube) for play and pause? A triangle, and two rectangular bars. Also on the volume level, it looks like the the infamous bullhorn that Alex Jonestein uses…

What The Crap
11 years ago

Congrats! You have just sided with white separatists! Have fun on that working in America!

Of course mass immigration is wrong, I don’t agree with Mexican, White, Black or purple illegals.

America needs just good ol’ Nationalism try to make it a racial movement and you have destroyed yourself already.

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