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Grand Finale?!?!


A sad day indeed.

The Seeker of Truth

That’s a shame Mike

Thanks for dedicating “THE AGE OF AQUARIUS” to me. It is one of my favorite songs, but please do not associate me with David of Texas. Good luck Mike.

Void Mirror

Thank you Mike…followed you to Renegade Broadcasting and it changed my life…


Fuck Age of Aquarius. Man. Jeeboo is just alright oh yeah. Those were rich times.


I get burned out even without doing a show!
I have listen to Mike for about 3 years now or more!I have seen him go away and come back many times before,hopefuly it will be the same this time!
Mike thanks for all these great shows in the past years,i wish you great life brother!!
I will miss you !!

Све најбоље Словенски Брате


I can understand why you are quitting. It would feel like being on a treadmill. Thanks for entertaining me and educating me as well. I particularly liked the one you did about it would make no difference if you abolished the Fed. You still have to deal with Corporations. I also enjoyed the one where you did a certain amount of Tim Wise bashing (“tic-toc”). You know Noel Ignatius, “Keep bashing the white male and the female too, and the dead one, keep bashing until the social construct…etc” Do come back some time and bash Tim Wise again, and if he dies (I hope he does) keep bashing his dead carcase.

Dash eight

Good bye my friend! Thank you for the education with laughter. You are the best, good luck and stay safe.
Ps please keep an email list of us listeners and I you do any more shows send out a link to it.


Thank you Mike for all your hard work. I’ve been following you since your TOracle days. I’ve always enjoyed your humor mixed into the tremendous information and insight.

Alexander (from Flanders)

I hope that Mike THE SLEDGEHAMMER will return after a little break. If not; I wish Mike the very best. Thank you for the good times! 🙂


Happy Birthday Mike. Be Well. I’m sure we will hear from you soon…


Hey Mike thanks for the great shows. I really enjoyed your work.

P.S. Watch out for those skittle karz!


We are all going to miss you brother! Happy birthday too!!! 14/88

Mike, take care, smell the flowers and recharge the batteries.


Thank you for the shows, the incisive analysis, and all the laughs.


Baby, I miss you. call me. I can’t stop drinking. Kavakava is my new best friend. Remember when you did alex jones all the time and hank kissinger(that effen joo) and Bill Clinton and that other guy that was always on AJ? Remember those days? You did a lotta good shows. Snap out of it. I forgive you. Everybody is wrong sometimes. I know I was not wrong about you. You was NLP’d, man. That effingkyle. He is a hure.
See ya soon, my Baby.


Baby, call me. Everything is gonna be all right. and ditto what Frank says. Frank was usually right.

White Guard

Who is MsSledge??


its another one of mikes alter ego’s!!