Reconstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 3-14-13

The Disease of Dual Citizens – Tune in and listen as Mike names these traitors and infiltrators, then lays out a plan for ridding our nations of these vermin.

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riveting reminder of what we’re up against, great lecture mikey

Very powerful show as always.
Thanks and keep pumping the people up.

The current “supreme” court has a minimum of 4 known jews…how many of the other “justices” are crypto jews? This is why there is NO JUSTICE in ANY court in this country…all the way down to Traffic Court. The judicial system in this country is a JOKE!!! Kissinger? Kay Griggs says he’s not just a killer, but he’s one hundred percent homosexual!!! A very sick, twisted dude!! “Google” Kay Griggs. And you know who has empowered these scum bags? The so-called “christian” community…john “fat ass” hagee…pat “mr douche-bag” robertson as well as every false “profit” from the mormon church!! Disgusting, lieing batards ALL!!! And now these scum-bag “christians” are trying to say that our current predicament is the result of the “ungodliness” of our citizenry!!!… Read more »

This was great…and long, long overdue…and schumer is 100% scumbag!!! As is Kirsten gillibrand!!

jerry bolduc

Good show. Keep up the great work.


Please read

“los peores enemigos de nuestro pueblo” from Jean Boyer.