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11 years ago

Figures all these jews went into overdrive with the anti-gun legislation starting in ’99 on the heels of their criminal destruction of the world trade center.

11 years ago

Great show Mike, very interesting to put it mildly. Im from Sweden and I had no idea how the gun laws is/was in US, thanks for the info. The South history is very interesting for us in Europe, thanks for what you do my friend, keep up your great work, it is much appreciated. Your history lessons is the best, Mike. I wish you all at Renegade Broadcasting a wonderful weekend with friends and family, and stay safe. Many greetings from Sweden // Kalle

11 years ago

You should do a show on how most of these Jews couldn’t even pass the DNA test.

“I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.” —
(Revelation 2:9)

11 years ago

Appreciated the show Mike, and am grateful for the information you provide to those of us outside the US, who are unfamiliar with some of these issues. You mentioned 1994 being an important year in gun control, and I wanted to share this with you from our (Australian) gun control history (1996): “There is reason to think the Port Arthur massacre was planned as early 1987 when, after a specially called Premier’s meeting in Hobart in December 1987, the New South Wales Labour Premier, Mr. Barry Unsworth stated, “there would be no effective gun control in Australia until there was a massacre in Tasmania” On Sunday, 28 April 1996, at a sleepy little tourist location known as Port Arthur, something went down that will long… Read more »

11 years ago


There has been genetic tests from ancient Cohenim and Levete preists (they’re seen as the holiest bloodline in Judaism, who trace theirselves back to ancient times, and though while I think most of the Bible is bunk.. certain things like this ring true) and those ancients are genetically nigh identical to the Cohenim and Levite priest lines today.
There is some Eastern European Jews but many in the Middle East, especially in ancient times, have light skin and features.

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