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11 years ago

mike, every show just keeps getting better and better, keep on with the solutions im very sure it’s what a lot of people have been waiting for, who like me are sick of all the bitching and moaning every day with no tangible solutions for the majority of the working classes.
keep up the great work all you guys are doing making this network the best around.

John Sholtes
11 years ago

I wish our military had the courage to coup but it doean’t look likr it. They remain loyal to Israel and juba has become an icon to the Marine Corps. John Wetstart McCain is the spokespeson for the US Navy. Their goal seems to be self destruction. The main potential organizing websites have sold out to their jewish Rabbi and a although using the Blacksun for a symbol repeatedly display articles with a hook nosed angel holding a spear with its foot on the back of the Gentile. The vision they have is for a jewish messiah coming from the sky and and anihilating all life on earth. The Hal linsey crowd has invaded and infiltrated the movement.

John Sholtes
11 years ago

The christ blood drinking cannibal cult occupies every street corner. They dominate the media and 99% of videos on the web are filled with their propaganda. They are neck and neck with the jews in media control. The programming for a third world war is in every movie and sermon. ZCF usees the picture of the jewish messiah coming on a chariot to kill all the Gentiles. The leaders like John Friend criticize the real heroes like Varg Vikernes.
I would suggest gathering acorns and starting Oak trees. If many oak trees are planted all over then There will be a future. The Renaissance of European Culture begins with the Oak trees.

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