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Yukihiro Kitaguni
11 years ago

Mike, great show. Eye had always assumed China was the Usurious Soviets of Amerika’s first FTA partner. Turns out it is Israel — highly symbolic as you point out — and for enlightening me on that, eye thank you. Many of you white nationalists think my cuntry, Japan, is a bit of a model for you guys because it is basically homogeneous. Yes, that is the case, but we’re a nation of idiotic debt-addicted, TV-worshiping, sun-despising, nuclear-powered imbeciles held together by the common denominator of materialism. Eye’ve started reading Julius Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World and feel comfortable with the author’s view that time is cyclical and that we’re heading for oblivion — from which the next Golden Age will be born. The best… Read more »

Yukihiro Kitaguni
11 years ago

Mike, further to yesterday’s comments, white nationalists should study Japan. It is homogeneous and leaves that endangered species, white Amerikans in the dust Because high up on the Jewish Agenda is the elimination of Greater Aryandom: Jewry’s greatest enemy and favorite target practice. On their list of enemies, Asians rank lower than Aryans But 1.4 billion Chinese,and growing very fast, Together with Aryandom’s now self-inflicted mortal wounds Ensure China is the Tribe’s future adversary of choice. Racial purity doesn’t guarantee national health: When will Dave Duke ever transcend the “Zionists” destroyed USS Liberty And declare Israel Did 9-11? Japan is a test case in today’s JWO, The results of which should have starry-eyed White Nationalists Aware that assumptions are the mothers of all fuck-ups. Japan… Read more »

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