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11 years ago

Outstanding insights and analysis of the latest events and trends. You guys do powerful and dangerous territory. Sledge and Sieg manage to zero in on the core priority psychological issues and themes; and how the latter are continuously manipulated and re-spun as media narrative. The MSM is running out of “original” ideas for script narratives and personality cults.

Dana Antiochus
11 years ago

Excellent show guys – you both hit the nail on the head. I’m so proud to be part of this network! False/pseudo-hollywood nazism v. true national socialism! Mike, you have the impressions for guliani, jones, etc. i couldn’t stop laughing my ass off – that time you did the black preacher was great too! This is the perfect presentation of facts, accurate analysis of the movement with hilarious parody! The EDL/Geert Wilders Jew run/hate Islam version of Nationalism is what we must all fight against. The Jews are desperate to infiltrate any resistance movement that pops up from the grass roots with all their controlled opposition front groups. I’m so glad we all found each other – dynamite fucking team! onward to victory…

Dana Antiochus
11 years ago

“You guys do powerful and dangerous territory.” – absolutely, laughter kills, this is why the Jew uses comedy to subvert and poison us, and for the first fucking time, we are doing it back to them. Go team! This was just brilliant. Truly revolutionary material, and seemingly effortless and flowing right from your brains/minds, unscripted and impromptu. genius.

11 years ago


11 years ago

funny man but Christ is the ANWSER not the problem your doing the Jews work if you bash christ

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