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11 years ago

Agree with everything except Klassen. Nature’s Eternal Religion was great, and the disinfo about him being a Jew actually comes from Covington.

11 years ago

I quit smoking & drinking @ 24, i’ll be 33 this year. It’s not easy, but the long term health benefits are undeniable. Alcohol always did make we feel like shit, it didnt take much. Riding a bicycle, out in the country fresh air, feels alot better on the lungs than the damn newport’s i was smoking. You may smell some Cow Shit, you’ll learn to enjoy it !



11 years ago

Great show, thanks for your work. One constructive criticism comment, you say that you try to be as truthful or honest as possible. I think that sends up a red flag that you might not be truthful in some of your statements. Maybe it’s me but I kind of react when you say that.
Best regards,

11 years ago

That picture freaks me out…

Reply to  Mark
11 years ago

Ugly fat ass jew bitch!

11 years ago

Awsome show, Mike. I like you better sober. What was that amazing song you played at the end?

Yukihiro Kitaguni
11 years ago

Now listening to the show

That Alex Jones onion is hilarious.

The Internet concentration camp Mami’s Feces

Equally so.

Is it just the Jews though?

Methinks without doubt they conduct

The whole affair

But they have partners in crime

Above all Janus-faced England

And its Judaic starchild

The Usurious Soviets of Amerika

Also known as the TSA

The Talmudic Soviets of Amerika.

For a future show

Please consider Veronica Clark

To get her views on England’s key role

In creating the Jew World Order.

Not that we should pay any attention

To her command to kneel to the Prophet

As revealed on, I think, Kyle’s show

Not too long ago…

Anyway, gonna turn the show back on

And shut up for now.

Yukihiro Kitaguni
11 years ago

But I’ll speak now:

What is Elena Kagan doing in a NS uniform?

I thought this site venerates what NS Germany tried to do.

You guys laugh at Mami’ Shit

But at least one comment there

Is worth copying and pasting here:

“kikes love swastikas said…
Just another proof that Renegade is a joke, why they have to mock NS uniform? Like jews havn’t done that enough.

Jews love to prance around in NS regalia, like Charlie Chaplin, degenerant Marilyn Manson or Kiss. That symbolizes that they own your ass.

May 10, 2013 at 1:07 PM”

Mike, I suggest you put that babe Kagan

Into an appropriate Bolshevik uniform

Because that’s what she represents

Not National Socialism.

Reply to  Yukihiro Kitaguni
11 years ago

The Kagan picture is a joke playing on the Jews who dressed as “Nazis” over the years like Frank Collins (Cohen).

Yukihiro Kitaguni
11 years ago

That said, you discuss many important issues

Such as what the International Jew has in store for Israel.

Is the IJ going to set up a false flag

Implicating Iran and then getting the rest of the world

To feel sorry for it and have yet another example of

How the Jews are history’s doormat?

Yukihiro Kitaguni
11 years ago

Now one hour and 18 minutes into the show.

Jew York City…

What the younger York should rename itself.

Bibi, Ehud, & Tzipi receive Otogo messages

Precisely at the time to make the move to Jew York

To witness the Dow surpass 20,000

And enough anti-Iranianism in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika

To make Yu Darvish move back to Japan.

911was an in-kike job
11 years ago

Awesome show. Same problem in France with the Front National, completely infiltrated by jews, gays and masons.

Yukihiro Kitaguni
11 years ago

Well, alright Mr Sledge, if you say so re Kagan/Collin/Cohen.

Starting to make a little more sense now.

Thanks also for enlightening us on Csanad Szegedi’s

Kosher-certified John Kerry moment.

The Jew-wise alternative media is a divided joke

But I applaud your seemingly genuine attempt to

Create an America the world can really respect, admire and learn from.

I say “create” and not “recreate” because I don’t know enough

About your country to say that it was EVER the paradise you envision.

I have, after all, read the Kosher-certified, Ron Paul-endorsed

Hamilton’s Curse and am aware that Amerika was infiltrated

From the Beginning.

Not all of you guys in the Talmudic Soviets of Amerika

Are Oskar Mayer Weiners.

Keep up the fearless good work gentlemen!

Yukihiro Kitaguni
11 years ago

Mike, you cracked a joke with your version of a babe, Elena Kagan.

Now, it’s my turn with the pride of Japan (and Canada):

Behold Maria Ozawa

Proving that race mixing

Sometimes works.

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