Reconstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 6-27-13

Lying signs and wonders, False religion and the quest for synthesizing the global mind for spiritual enslavement. Tonight I will discuss the global control grid and how it relates to false miracles and Religious mind control. Tune in for this very important broadcast.

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10 years ago

I always look forward to this type of show you put on. Always powerful,a must hear. The information you present is right in front of us but the way we have been trained prevents most from seeing it. You say it took you 45 yrs. to finally add things up well it took me 64. All that precious time lost to bullshit. Many thanks Michael, the research and time you put into this show is unfathomable to me. This old brain of mine can’t even think were to start. Best regards to you.

10 years ago

Thanks Mike. Your insight is spot on! Orwell must have really meant 1948 not 1984. His book inside the book The Theory and Pratice of Oligarchical Collectivism reads like the jew book and the Protocols.

10 years ago

Hey there troubles lets be fair, it took him 42 years. lol. Great show as always Mike. You guys all do a great job. Much thanks.

10 years ago

Superb show Mike! Spot on!

10 years ago

Hey Mike, just started listening to your show and other Renegade shows recently, and stuff is finally starting to make sense. This was probably one of my favorite shows so far, because recently I’ve been moving out of the Christian life which has held me in bondage for almost 30 years now. I’ve been a Preacher, teacher and have been a deacon onthe board of trustees, but was labled a devil and a heretic for somethings I believe and was pretty much excommunicated for denying that Jesus was coming back. My own brother and I don’t talk because I deny that the Jews are God’s chosen people.

Was wondering if there were any books that you could recommend on this subject of your broadcast.


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