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9 years ago

Excellent Show Mike.You And Dana Nailed It

9 years ago

Thanks Mike and Dana. It really is rather important to keep revealing the jew’s most potent weapon which has been and still is christianity. I believe it was prof. Oliver who named it their biggest hoax of all and I agree. The christian so-called right of fifty years ago as is now is part of the problem not the solution. Christianity has been the jew’s back door to power all along. It has been and still is a false opposition. I am really growing tired of those on the net somehow defending this middle-eastern swindle and how we must be careful not to offend those that still adhere to this. You guys here at Renegade are really the only people exposing this so-called religion for… Read more »

Reply to  Carmen
9 years ago

Not the first or only to expose it.


9 years ago

Hey Mike and Dana,

You guys are too damn good. I’m just starting to come out of the bondage of 30 years of Christianity, and it’s mainly because of finding out about Christianity being an extension of Judaism. As a matter of fact, according to the book of Revelation, Christianity ends with the Jews ruling the earth. I’m a Preterist that believes all prophecy was fulfilled in 70 a.d.
Was wondering if either of you could recommend some books that would help me understand the Jewish question.

Vinster in CT

Reply to  vinnie
9 years ago

Nature’s Eternal Religion at


Dana Antiochus
9 years ago

Hey Vinnie, I’m in Ct – contact me,

9 years ago

Michael Medved is another Jew Bolshevik who was a left wing radical in the 1960’s like Michael Weiner Savage and David Horowitz who back in the 1980’s who became neo cons.His two books are worth checking out Hollywood Versus America and Right Turns.He is all for open borders multiculturalism and cultural marxism and he has two brothers that live in Israel.

9 years ago

Hi and thank you for your show. You are doing a great job. I live in Iceland. Believe it or not, I have never in my live, met a jew. But I see more and more people behave like jews. They are poisoning our culture from far away. I think the only solution is educating people. Why pick on Christians ? They where the ones who started opposition against this criminal enterprise. Educate them. They have been infiltrated. Read what Luther wrote about the jews. You can find it on the internet. Do you know how it was in Iceland before cristianity? We can tell. We have the sagas Could the second coming of Christ be, mass of educated Christians? I think an opposition has… Read more »

8 years ago

im a recent person to renegede its good to know there is people out there that think like me

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