Reconstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 8-1-13

The Center Of Truth

Tonight on Reconstructions Live: I will go over the concept of synthesis, extremism, the radicalizing of society into extreme bi-polarism, and how the grand conspiracy plays both radical sides for the purpose of destroying the middle. I will go through the complete timeline of just how the enemy has used this program to ultimately destroy Western civilization. Plus your phone calls in the second hour.

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Dana Antiochus
7 years ago

brilliant – why do so many gullible people forget the background/context of things, they are so ignorant, they see one or two quotes that sound good and automatically assume “anti-Jew!,” idiotic. a la Eisenhower, a la Martin Luther, etc. People seem to have lost ALL critical thinking skills, which includes the ability to DISCRIMINATE between evidence to filter out the truth from lies, propaganda, and disinformation.

Mike, I think the Renegade crew should start 1. our own religion; 2. our own form of the national alliance – fuck it, lets start making money doing what we love and what we know best! We have to all seriously sit down and discuss this.

Dana Antiochus
7 years ago


Dana Antiochus
7 years ago

Karl Marx endorsed “free trade” because it speeds up the process toward global communism, for all these neo-con fellow traveller/useful idiots

7 years ago

Brilliant Show Mike!More great information.I live next door in Alabama
So I know all about what is going on here.I have always known about the conspiracy in mt own backyard.I am glad I don’t stand alone anymore.Thank You.

7 years ago


This is a topic that I’ve had a hard time understanding and pegging down. You did a good job fitting the pieces of the puzzle together. I’ll be listening to this specific broadcast again on download.

7 years ago

Great program. The only thing I would disagree with is your take on Putin. I believe we should unite with Putin and the Russian people to fight the Jews and their bought and paid for politicians.

Reply to  Tony
7 years ago

That would be a big mistake.

7 years ago

Great show, mr Sledge!

7 years ago

Hi Mike,

do you have a link for any good articles about the interest-free loans for Indian migrants? Not having much success with Startpage.

7 years ago

Just listened to the download. Incisive analysis by Mike Sledge. A obvious contemporary example of how the Jew controls and uses the extremes is happening on the streets of London and the other major English cities right now. Here we have two sets of stooges: the “far right” EDL and the “far left” UAF punching on with each other, not realizing that they are, in fact, both funded by the same people. The street violence being perpetrated by these morons can only serve to set the political stage for further clampdowns on “hate speech” while at the same time the wider anti-Islamic feeling being whipped up also benefits the state of Israel by lessening any sympathy for the Muslims of the mid-east. It’s win/win for… Read more »

7 years ago

Nice show!

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