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Reconstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 8-15-13

reconstructions 8-15-13

Tonight on the broadcast I will be going over the complete history of the Zio Control Grid, and how to make the system work for us today! I will break down in detail the formula of corruption that has not only destroyed our culture and heritage, but also our ability to gain back back our true destiny. We can win again by understanding our past and by putting together a new model of action for the 21st century.

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4 thoughts on “Reconstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 8-15-13

  1. I like that you’re giving solutions Mike. I’m not bashing your ideas, but just throwing my opinions on them in.

    1. A racial labor party, or any political party I don’t think will do much. I could be wrong.

    2. White gangs, there used to be a lot of them. Some are still active in Chicago, and somewhere in Wisconsin I think. The Simon City Royals are now a mixed race gang in Chicago, but I heard there was some white power gang in Milwaukee I think. The bad thing about the ones in Chicago is now all of them are Folk or People. They have formed alliances with non-white gangs. Some gangs like the C-notes in Chicago had their own alliance they called family, which was all white though. It’s kind of interesting. Ron Edwards from the IKA I think was affiliated with Gaylords. The problem is, like with organizations, if you commit crimes with these people, they can potentially tell on you. If there was some way for us to support this, or organize it for other people then I think we should, like with kids 10-19 just for helping each other out at the schools and things like that. They should be taught values though, and be about defending their community, and not destroying it. I have watched Gangland episodes of skinheads trying to brag, like the niggers they’ve seen on the show.

    3. Definitely. I suggest advertising by writing your site name everywhere. Listeners should write ‘’ wherever you think there are white people who already have a similar mindset. But don’t do this for the masses. Black propaganda is the best for them.

    4. Elite recruitment, I’m not sure. These people care about profit, and brown people are cheaper for them.

    5. If you have bank accounts, you should do it at a credit union. That is a good idea. You should do your best not to support the system financially in any way. Don’t use banks, and do your best not to buy as little as you can new. When you do, buy from small businesses.

    6. Hell yes. A lot could be done if only some feet were being ‘held to the fire’. People in the streets need to be active.

    You mentioned William Pierce, but people like you, and the rest of the people on this site are the new leaders.

  2. Another nice shot for 3 point blank bullets in the Jew system face in a row now!

    I agree with Mike on a 7 year plan strategy versus multi-generational slow death.

    Any kind of legal union or party idea is a failed project of the past over again.
    Yet, you said the candidates are not trying to win, it’s just to show a presence.

    I’m down (cool), with the gang warfare idea and any violence. White people never
    will be able to return all of the violent favors back to the Jews or non-whites.

    The racial message is good to get out in whatever method, more offensive better.

    Forget about trying to get the rich, that destroyed the dead National Alliance,
    which was a great thing because the National Alliance was only a $$$ book club.

    I know of a credit union with a Jew president and Mexican female vice president.
    I think Mike meant that white racists create their own credit union, not todays.

  3. Damon, I’m sure there are plenty of small town credit unions that jews and non-whites aren’t involved in. I just meant if you have to have accounts they are best. It’s more realistic than us starting them I think.

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