ReConstructions Live Special w/ Mike Sledge 9-4-13

Mike Sledge fills in for Dana tonight, right here on the one and only Renegade Broadcasting. On the broadcast tonight we will discuss Syria, bizzare tales from the Zio grid, your phone calls, and much much more. So join the ReConstruction tonight!!

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7 years ago

From my point of view, the average man on the street knows we are in trouble, they just need men of words to articulate it. Once they hear what I have to say, they not only agree with me, they get excited at the idea of changing the system. I’m only 29 years old and hearing me speak in public with confidence got a few men in their 60’s really riled up. I didn’t realize how many possible friends I have in this struggle. So then I ask; What are we waiting for? It seems to me that people are waiting for someone to jump in first.

Governor of Moon
Reply to  Doyle
7 years ago

Only thing that brings change is action. Few generations more and white race is gone.

7 years ago

Very informative show. That Wiener. Wow. What a player. Like you, I take it as a good sign, though as we all know, there will be plenty of suckers following him down to the next cul-de-sac he’s piping his way to. Of course, anyone who can’t get past his manic-depressive shotgun manipulation, especially with the easy availability of contrary perspectives today, simply isn’t going to be swayed through intellectual growth. They will leave magic-show ZOG conservatism when the center of gravity shifts. And that’s our job. On fleeing the US: Not only is there no plausible gain from it, it appears to me to be a path to certain defeat. As as been pointed out on this network: we are in the beast which globally… Read more »

Reply to  blackacidlizzard
7 years ago

We owe our ancestors a good fight. They cheer us on from Valhalla. They are the ONLY ones we owe!

Reply to  Doyle
7 years ago

Make no mistake, I am on your side and I’m ready to go anytime!

Yukihiro Kitaguni
7 years ago

One step at a time. The awakening you refer to I can see a little now. Reading the comments attached to the latest in The ongoing avalanche of MSM articles “proving” The “evil” Asad chemicalized his own people Ordinary sheeple are starting to break outta their kosher cocoons By recognizing the lies their Kol Nidred “leaders” spew constantly. Those sheep will still have a long way to go up the mountain of Truth Because at best, at this stage so far, they’ll be shepherded by The likes of Alex Jonestein and his many clones. But like many of your listeners who started with Austin’s most famous rabbi And are now Renegades, they might one day join your cause. The dialectical march of history just might… Read more »

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