ReConstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 9-5-13

Tonight on Reconstructions Live, we will discuss the privatization of prisons, resources, and how this has empowered the enemy more than any other recent economic policy. Also your phone calls. So join the Reconstruction!!

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10 years ago

Mike, one point you missed out on your excellent expose of the corporate prison system is this…. These corporate prison operators select a small town somewhere in the middle of nowhere, usually financially depressed because it is surrounded by highly mechanised corporate farms and therefore there is very little money flowing into the town itself. There would usually be about 5000 or maybe 10,000 inhabitants in that town. Basically a town going nowhere! Then suddenly, there is a proposal to build a prison about a mile or two out of town. Opposition to that proposal is invariably minimal or non-existent. The townsfolk could see employment during the construction phase followed by employment as prison warders etc afterwards. They only saw the benefits and not the… Read more »

10 years ago

Great show! Very informative, Mike. Renegade needs to up the sound quality. Every broadcast should sound like @19:25 “fuck it we’re going to do it live, here we go, alright clear as a bell.”

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