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9 years ago

LOL,great show!
Pay Day is a non white i wouldnt have any problems working with!
His song House Of Cards has the best anti jew lyrics i ever heard!
Once again,great show and great to hear from Pay day again!!

Reply to  Serb
9 years ago

Payday is white. He’s Italian.

9 years ago

Dear Sirs, Mike, “Eastern Promises” was the name of the “Russian Mob” movie you were talking about. I was disgusted watching it years ago because the harem of white Russian and Ukrainian girls is a reality but the Jew is the real mobsters in charge. And they are the most ruthless and disgusting mob on earth. MS13 can’t even compare and they are a disgusting lot who models themselves on them. Mario Puzo, just to elaborate, was a nobody who wrote novels that did not sell and then once he wrote Godfather guess what happened?! “Once upon a time in America” was not even the Jew mob expose it should have been! Sick! The other thing Mike, Payday was clearly high. If he wasn’t imbibing… Read more »

9 years ago

I wondered what id tuned into when i heard payday fooking monsanto asking mike if he’d fancy ‘double teaming doug stanhope’, ah well, as the dreidel turns. I wonder if payday knows to get a gig in the mainstream he’s gonna have to wear a dress? oy vey, put on zis floral dress and suspender belt, rap some shit like eminem and you can sign the contract with ze devil like many before you oy vey! ,

9 years ago

Poopburgers, shrimpguns, hair-bread, and transsexual Nazi impostors; you guys really covered all the bases on this show…

Reply to  Bill
9 years ago


9 years ago

Payday Monsanto Versus Alex Jones

Reply to  Arminius
9 years ago

Awesome clip!
about as good as Prothink vs. Alex Jones
He got Toben and Zundel in there!
Great job Sir!

9 years ago

Your guest needs to have a bit more etiquette and stop interrupting You so much !! It gets really annoying when your trying to make a great point and he keeps cutting you off !!

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