ReConstructions Live w/ Mike Slege 2-6-14

The return of Payday Monsanto to Renegade broadcasting!! Be there!!

Click here to download

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LOL,great show!
Pay Day is a non white i wouldnt have any problems working with!
His song House Of Cards has the best anti jew lyrics i ever heard!
Once again,great show and great to hear from Pay day again!!

Payday is white. He’s Italian.

Dear Sirs, Mike, “Eastern Promises” was the name of the “Russian Mob” movie you were talking about. I was disgusted watching it years ago because the harem of white Russian and Ukrainian girls is a reality but the Jew is the real mobsters in charge. And they are the most ruthless and disgusting mob on earth. MS13 can’t even compare and they are a disgusting lot who models themselves on them. Mario Puzo, just to elaborate, was a nobody who wrote novels that did not sell and then once he wrote Godfather guess what happened?! “Once upon a time in America” was not even the Jew mob expose it should have been! Sick! The other thing Mike, Payday was clearly high. If he wasn’t imbibing… Read more »


I wondered what id tuned into when i heard payday fooking monsanto asking mike if he’d fancy ‘double teaming doug stanhope’, ah well, as the dreidel turns. I wonder if payday knows to get a gig in the mainstream he’s gonna have to wear a dress? oy vey, put on zis floral dress and suspender belt, rap some shit like eminem and you can sign the contract with ze devil like many before you oy vey! ,


Poopburgers, shrimpguns, hair-bread, and transsexual Nazi impostors; you guys really covered all the bases on this show…



Payday Monsanto Versus Alex Jones

Awesome clip!
about as good as Prothink vs. Alex Jones
He got Toben and Zundel in there!
Great job Sir!


Your guest needs to have a bit more etiquette and stop interrupting You so much !! It gets really annoying when your trying to make a great point and he keeps cutting you off !!