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Steven J Lewis
9 years ago

Once again, fascinating history, but need to know what article or book you are reading from Mike. Thanks for the great show, well so far as I am only about 35 mins into the program. Thanks, I will check back for an answer or you could email me. I have found H.K. Edgerton’s website.

As expected I see the SPLC has listed Edgerton on their website.

Ignore my comment left on today’s show, it is the same request though!

9 years ago

Powerful as always. Michael, please have transcripts of your shows available to those of us that want them. You would be sharing a powerful weapon. Thanks and peace be with you.

Mike Sledge
9 years ago

I will from now on try to mention on my broadcasts what articles and books I am using and reading from for the topic I am presenting. To be honest I really don’t put together show notes. I either read from a article or from one of my books, which I have collected in the past from old books I have gathered over the years. If you search Nathan Bedford Forrest you will most of the information I talked about during this broadcast. This web page contains much of the information I have read in my old books. This will get you started. I am thinking about putting together a book list as well for people to research from in the future. thanks for… Read more »

Steven J Lewis
9 years ago

Thanks Mike!

9 years ago

Excellent research Mike ! Keep up the earth shattering expose of the JEWS & sharing the truth ! Very much appreciated ! You can consider me a brother to call on !
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