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The Seeker of Truth
10 years ago

I sat on the line for thirty minutes never to be acknowledged.

10 years ago

Jim Irespect you. But Rosicrucianism is 99% bullshit. We both wasted time reading all that crap. Most of the authors are jewish and the lodges a money making scheme(been there done that). Every meeting starts and ends with a prayer to the “AM I”. So that the “I AM”, will take care of all humanity, The great white fraternity and the Ascended Masters. Its a jewish creation to keep you worshiping Christ/Crestos, without worshiping jewsus. Making it easier to replace the “avatar” if the one they choose doesn’t work.. The Rosi-crucians are Gnostic wich means “Early days christianity” wich is the same bullshit we see some people calling into regenade/WWS to defend. JESUS WAS A KIKE, Early day christianity is the SAME as what we… Read more »

10 years ago

CoolBRguy, I agree with you one hundred percent. Thank you for your excellent comment.

10 years ago

Jews and the ‘poisoning of the wells’:
“Oy vey, you blame us for killing jewsus, now you blame us for the black death! oy vey”:

10 years ago

PS: However… there is one known occasion of a plotted poisoning of water systems which was to be carried out by Nakam, the “Jewish Avengers” post-World War II in a plot to kill 6 million Germans in revenge for the Holocaust. The plot never went ahead, although an attempted mass assassination was carried out in a prison in which bread was poisoned that was for the prisoners – 15,000 ex-SS men and German POWs, no one died from this attempt and Abba Kovner was deported to Israel for his role in the mass poisoning at the Langwasser internment camp and for his role and setting up of the Nakam group. But I remind people, this was by individuals of a group, an entire faith should… Read more »

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