Renegade Roundtable 11-16-13

Join us this Saturday night for a conversation concerning the most important topics. Have your voice heard and call in.

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Dana, it was a real interesting podcast tonight. You did a great job of moderating You held the show together and kept it from going into total chaos.

Frank/Jimmy Marr: I appreciate your coming to Dana’s defense. His patience with me is highly commendable; along with that, I appreciate his efforts as well. He is a very intelligent man. I can be tempermental and my remark to him was mean, but I am touchy indeed, when I see people inclining toward inter European war all over again. Hence, my remark. Frank, I appreciate your commentary all along and am in large agreement with you. Obviously, being half Italian myself, I am not against Italians. Nor for that matter do I consider Dana’s being one quarter Syrian to be a problem.


ya its nothing, not worth going over. i realize everyone is on edge/touchy in this scene, but we should try to be less emotional and more rational sometimes especially when it comes to assuming or reading in to others who are on the same team. i can see how being part Polish would create issues with the history of NS and their invasion, despite prior efforts of peace, same goes for russian race-nationalists, etc. i’m totally against inter-european animosity, but we can’t deny it or pretend it doesn’t exist like some like to do. there is a negative side to nationalism, sometimes called “petty” which threatens overall white unity. but that pic, even if i left it up, has nothing to do with any of… Read more »


i’m gonna start calling frank the “renegade enforcer” or “the hammer”

Frank the “Renegade Enforcer” – Indeed. Give them hell Frank!!!
Frank has been so “good” I might consider giving him a miscegenation credit.


funniest part of the show was when Frank was pounding on Bob Tuskin and he was no longer even on the line cause he hung up lol


Can anyone point the way to the particular Bob Foreskin show including kyle which was referenced in the show? much obliged


This is a shortened version with the commercials removed:


cheers man, appreciated


That was good stuff, it had it all, the nazi eugenics conspiracy is alive and well! Couple of things really made me laugh here, the chap who was saying “What is race?” “what is white?” etc etc, because he came out with the classic brainwashed faggy reply to you [kyle] when he said “thinking in terms of race was Just Ignorant”, he sounded like feeble michael jackson “Thats just ignorant!” and he goes up an octave when he says ‘ignorant’ like some south Park character. And the old timer who you called out READING from a book to you about these alleged nazi big hitters who run the world and whose feet “never touch the ground” and call the shots from their private jets. Now… Read more »


Haha calssic show, good work Dana!