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10 years ago

A very powerful podcast tonight. To all enemies of Truth: BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH!!!

10 years ago

Great roundtable folks! Thanks 14/14

10 years ago

Well. as far as “we have truth on our side”, I do not feel it serves much to the uninformed (who may never get it) as much as it fortifies and galvanizes the ones that do wipe the sleep from their eyes to stay wide awake. Bill and I are on the same page as far as practicality and reality. Seeing that most perceived reality has been formed through a jewish lens, we must contend with and counter. For now, the contest (for survival) is in their arena, learning and using some of their own tactics against them is not only smart and efficient but puts them on a unfamiliar defensive footing. Also the need to organize or coordinate a couple moves ahead on the… Read more »

10 years ago

Kyle, I think that on 15 March 2014, we should march down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. We need to take our message directly into the Belly of the Beast.

10 years ago

Great Round Table, as usual, Kyle and Guests —

I think KP has the right idea for propaganda purposes which would benefit this movement.
I’m constantly stretching my neck to see the bumper sticker on the car in front of me or turning my head to read someones shirt. I think this is automatic with everyone.

These are just some of my memes —-

Hitler Didn’t Do It
The Holocaust : Religion Of The Damned
Question The Holocaust

Let’s hear from the Renegade listeners what they would use on t-shirts and bumper stickers?!

10 years ago

I changed my mind Kyle. I now think we should hold our March in Nashville TN. It is a more centrally locate4d location and a powerful vortex of positive energy, unlike D.C.

10 years ago

A march is a great idea, because we’ve never tried that before right? I’m suspicious of this website now. If some guy calls in saying he wants to burn some jews why discourage him? You don’t have to advocate it. Just like when you wouldn’t even give respect to Joseph Paul Franklin. The only reason I came back here is because I’m pretty sure I’m being monitored by federal pigs right now and I think it could have something to do with this website. They are notorious for inspiring inaction which seems to be the main theme here. I’ve brought up Black Propaganda and the idea was ignored (something effective even the most cowardly of you could easily do). Something is going on here so… Read more »

Reply to  Vincent
10 years ago

Alright buddy, you’re suspicious of this website? Never come back again. You are not welcome. Leave.

10 years ago

Vincent the guys running renegade have to stop comments that incite racial hatred and promote violence as its illegal and the whole platform could be shutdown and prosecuted because of it.

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