Renegade Roundtable 12-21-13

Celebrate the Winter Solstice around the table with fellow Renegades. The General hosts.

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7 years ago

Im pretty sure Tom Hartman admitted he was jewish in one of the interviews he had with Matthew Heimbach.

7 years ago

Just wanted to clear the air around the “Zwarte piet/ Black Pete” discussion.
Saint Nick became famous by buying young slaves from the Arabic slave traders and keeping them as knaves. (which as we know were mostly whites)
The tales about the freed slaves stayed around till the 1800’s when people associated slaves with negroid and in the popular mind they became black.
other explanations for the black part include the Spain Moorish connection and the politically correct soot which they got be climbing through the chimneys.

The whole racism/ political correctness nonsense however is a nice way of awakening people.

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