Renegade Roundtable 4-5-14

For the latest in world events and Renegade drama, tune into the best roundtable on the planet. Join the hosts and callers and let your voice be heard.

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6 years ago

How refreshing is this : Renegade talks 2014 to YOUNG PEOPLE !! 11 pm Eastern time awkward to this grey hair, so listening now to the archive Sunday,with Kyle still on. I will promote your Roundtable talks , as much as possible. However, when slip back to 1939 I will be silent. Kyle with his Irish blood, being promoted by British…….how good can it get ? So am keeping my fingers tightly crossed that shows stress 2014 and upwards.

6 years ago

The cutting edge of primatological evolution. 14/88.

6 years ago

What’s wrong with Fascism? Enjoy slandering a White man ideology much?

Kevin Sommers
6 years ago

On the topic of Erich Gliebe and his wife, I actually have a copy of Resistance magazine(was a gift when I bought some music from a label) in which his wife, the stripper, was interviewed. It’s a complete train-wreck of an interview as she spouts out a lot of liberal rhetoric and sees nothing wrong with her lifestyle. I don’t know if it’s something you guys want to talk more about. Let me know as I chucked the magazine, got until tomorrow night for me to dig it back out of the trash. :p

Reply to  Kevin Sommers
6 years ago

more like, for you to take out of the hyperbaric chamber you have it in where its stored in a penny sleeve and plastic cover

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