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The show was going great until that nutter Jim called in.

Hippie Jim, we don’t need to be adopting hinduism, harikrishna or any other foreign beliefs.

We have a native belief. It’s called Asatru.


wtf lets talk about the weather? what about the real storm. skrew the weather. adapt! lets talk about something important like how we whites are the new nigger and we need to stop sitting in front of our computers talking and do it how they do in euro land. quit being pussies . if you want results you are going to have to put your life behind you and put your cause number one and no one is really going to make that commitment. everyone is comfortable with their overdose of media induced enema. tell your friend and family to stop buying anything make and trade among each other no nothing quit making them rich and us weak and sick. but of course this takes… Read more »

I am NOT a Hippie, Comrade. Asatru is fine. I NEVER have spoken against it, but Hinduism is fine too.

If the Israelites had done their job and destroyed all the race-mixers and their abominations we would not be in the mess we are in today.

The Aryan Hindus were instructed to do the same and failed too. Only a pure race would see race mixing as an abomination and there is only one pure race. It is amazing that supposedly learned people could be so ignorant as to who wrote the Bible and attribute it to the very people the Israelites were supposed to exterminate.

There could only be one reason why the God of all would command the destruction of even the little children of a people and Im amazed that supposedly race aware people cant work it out.


There would be no Talmud without the Torah… Speaking of nutters…. CI nutter shows up advocating the killing of children online? You agents make it so easy at times.

The Talmud is all about negating and subverting ‘the Torah’. And you are still doing the Jews bidding right now by calling it the Torah instead of the Old Testament.

Fuck your kike-jew piece-of-shit deity.


Yeah talking against a Jew religion is somehow the “Jews bidding”. LOL


No. The Talmud is the logical interpretation for daily living of the Torah laws. The leaders of the Jews at that time realized that following the letter of the law would prove fatal. They chose dynamism over idealism. I have not done any of the Jew’s bidding. To do so I would have to acknowledge the demon of the Jewish volkgiest Yahweh as my savior and turn by back on creation and God himself.

So, you didnt call the Old Testament the Torah then? Ah, I must have been seeing things.


Go back to your boy Andre at the Daily Stormer. Renegade and its listeners are not interested in your wannabe Jew, Israelite, Yahweh bullshit. It’s freaking embarrassing to be linked with CI-tards who believe in circumcision, bible thumping, and middle eastern/desert crap…


Brian, CI is Americanish/jewish to the core and found on lies and distortion of History. William Fink’s site is full of it. I was curious as to why no one in Academy was at least trying to disprove his nutty theories. But I found out that they don’t need to. I read and re-examined his sources and interpretations. In the end they were all flawed. No one with a true education would take him seriously. Which tells me a lot more of the people that actually do…

Levant area is where the earliest modern humans settled after leaving Africa. They then spread from there to the Arabian Peninsula and the Caucus regions.

There’s an archaeological site in Lebanon just 10km north of Beirut where one of the earliest homo sapien skeletons was found: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ksar_Akil

If you knew anything of your peoples history you would know that the near and middle east was not always desert and started out populated mainly by White people. If you knew anything about Christianity you would know that circumcision is not a requirement. If you actually bothered to read your Bible you would realise it was not written by Jews and could actually only have been written by your ancestors. No need to even know anything about CI, the truth stares you right in the face. If you seriously think that the most influential collection of books of all time was written by Jews, then they have succeeded in their theft at the same time as making you admit that you are inferior to… Read more »


“If you knew anything of your peoples history you would know that the near and middle east was not always desert and started out populated mainly by White people.” – IT was not indeed. It was populated by various Aryan tribes and Semetic peoples. No one disputes that fact. The Aryan tribes migrated to that patch of land from the southern/central Russian steppes as conclusive archeological and genetic evidence suggests. If you knew anything about Christianity you would know that circumcision is not a requirement. – When in the history of our people was circumcision ever a requirement. Never. Its origins are the expression of the Jewish/Yahweh anti-matter soul. If you actually bothered to read your Bible you would realise it was not written by… Read more »

No-one ever said they did originate in the Levant. Why make out you are answering my points, when you are actually agreeing with most of my points, which were in answer to Brian anyway, Nik? What is the point in attacking other Whites who do understand the racial message of the Bible? If you are Pro-White then your conclusions and motivation in life will be exactly the same, with exactly the same enemy and essentially the same goals. It does not seem logical to me to do that. Judaeo-Christianity is one of our enemies most potent weapons, and the best way to fight it is to point out the many errors in it on Christian terms, not on Jewish ones. You stand a far greater… Read more »


I know that Will Fink and other CI people refer to the Levant as the place of our origins. Sven, we don’t really agree on the conclusion of your assertions. CI takes simple facts such as the existence of Aryan tribes in the Levant at that time, and concludes something all together different from archaeological facts. Imagine someone trying to convince you that Racial-Christianity is wrong, and that Judeo-Christianity is the correct way to go. Simply speaking, Sven, that ship has long since sailed. The time to do that was in the 40s to 80s at best. Christianity is dying, and I feel that we should let it die to go back to our roots instead, rediscover our pre-Christian heritage and attack our enemies not… Read more »

There is no such thing as “Aryan ” tribes. It came from the idea that the original speakers of the Indo-European languages were caucasion, and that is debatable. Gee, talk myth propagation, thats all you guys seem to be about.

Irish Sean

Frank would be my ideal cellmate if I had to do time lol. I have defended Andre Anglin on here before (but what do I know really?) Have you listened to this http://endzog.wordpress.com/2014/04/24/scott-roberts-v-andre-anglin-in-the-octagon-ii-will-anglin-run-from-the-fight/ it is a recording from 2012(only 2 years ago) I know infighting is bad but has this guy gone from a virulent white hater to the exact opposite in such a short space of time? What do you lads think?

Jorge A. Gracia

Hey Kyle. Can you send me the your email so that I can send you the poem I read?


Roses are red, violets are blue, if your not a Renegade fan, you could be a jew 😉


Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
If you aint’White
You have not a clue!

Roses are red, violets are blue, If it aint on RENEGADE, it probably aint true.


I really enjoyed reading this text by Conservative Swede – The historical demise of Christianity: http://chechar.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/red-giant/

Alexander (from Flanders)

That Frank guy who called in really should do a show on Christianity. He truly is on fire when it comes to that subject (like when he trashed that bible qouting guy some time back).

Here in Europe no one I know ever read the bible (and I include my grandparents). It would be interesting to hear more about those wierd things in that book. Could be very interesting.

Anyway; good to see (hear…) that Renegade has found some very good people to continue the struggle. I do hope that some of the old hosts will return or at least call in now and then.

I would like to apologize for being somewhat intoxicated during this show and as a result for cutting people off from time to time, for losing my train of thought on occasion, and for making minor errors in regards to certain concepts/narratives that i was trying to express/illustrate. Sorry (see Jeff, it’s really quite simple and not hard at all).

“…and not hard at all).”

^ To apologize that is, for all of you unaware and uninformed or otherwise retarded individuals out there.