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9 years ago

Great roundtable, very constructive I thought. Everyone made excellent points. We need to form our own parallel society. In fact it’s possible Whites have already done that if the information Peter Levenda has presented in this video is anywhere near correct:

Peter Levenda – Secret Space Program & Breakaway Civilization

There are a lot of people out there with skills we would need to build this White nation such as engineers and technicians who have been made redundant due to immigrants having been given preferential treatment over them. We should set up our own White engineering companies etc. employing these unemployed or now underemployed Whites. I think there is great opportunities out there for us to take.

Reply to  Gwyn
9 years ago

Hi Gwyn, Your right about the White engineering Co’s being set up as well as other created industries hiring Whites only .-(To preserve our White RACE from extinction & Stopping our ongoing White Genocide)as the motivator for Rich Whites to do so, to invest in our White Future & theirs . But, THEY would like to hire more CHEAP other race labor for a few extra bucks profit for them and sell the rest of our White race out. But we can dream that some day the RICH Whites will wake up and help us . Yeah right.

Alexander (from Flanders)
9 years ago

I liked the trolls. To me it is hilarious that they listen to pro-White shows, and call in to make prank calls. I mean; how pathetic is that? Don’t they have arguments? Oh, wait…they don’t. Hahahaha.

9 years ago

Northpal asks what can we use to bring (White) people in? It’s already being done by such websites as BUGS, White Rabbit Radio, They are ALL pushing the meme of White Genocide, and basically shoving it in the face of the anti-White system. We will not get large numbers of Whites to stand with us until the reality of White genocide is so obvious no one can deny it. Once that happens, any lingering consciousness of six million will fade into obscurity in comparison.

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