Renegade Roundtable 7-5-14


Operation Wetback

Nick Spero of Circus Maximus guest hosts the Roundtable. For the first 30 or so minutes he discusses: Operation Wetback, Proposition 187, the short film entitled: “Attack on America”, immigration (Invasion) into White Nations in general, plus some personal topics related to addiction.

Several callers participate after 30+ minutes. One of the main “contributors” was a black “nationalist” occupying Atlanta, Georgia, that attempted to utilize Critical Race Theory tactics taught by cultural marxists (jewish interests) and non-Whites that revolve (the concepts and main basis) around “White Privilege” and entitlement for non-Whites; which has shown to create self-hating Whites via the media and the indoctrination centers called “higher learning” institutions &/or on a more elementary level.

The black “nationalist” also considers the Haitians “freedom fighters” (a common term used by marxists) that slaughtered French people (going door to door) including many women and children.

The other Contributors bring up some interesting information, including people from the Renegade chat room.
“Anti-Racist is a Codeword for White Genocide”

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9 years ago

I hope Chat will call in more often. He is very smart and should lead his people out of White countries into sovereign liberty. He says though that the devistating state all or most black countries are in, is due to the aftermath of European colonialism. Is that really so? Japan and Germany are US colonies since 1945 as well and are the most succesful states in their regions, just as they were before the occupation. Both countries were also burned to ground, yet rebuild within 10 years of the terror bombings. Black African nations didn’t have civilizations on a high level before the Whites came, and when Whites left or Blacks were on their own in the New World, as in Haiiti, they continued… Read more »

9 years ago

I just found this website recently:

Thank you to all that participated!

I apologize for the disconnection…

9 years ago

Chad thinks he’s slick, but listen to his nonsense. Chattel slavery was invented by whites BWAHAHAHAHA,,,, I guess chad reads books with a tiny balled black fist on it. I guess what he meant was chattlle slavery never existed in America until the black slave owner Anthony Johnson argued the black indentured servant John Casor was legally his property for life. He parroted some nonsense about the mongols and the connedstitution. Those rich land owners were classically trained, practiced the laws of the Magna Carta, came from societies that created the Roman 12 tables law code, Republics of Greece and Rome. They came from nations that all practice for thousands of years and still the basis of all international law between nations, the Hammurabi… Read more »

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