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Hi- Texas may not be perfect, but someone from Wisconsin wants to say it’s a sewer, Lugh say’s we have New York attitudes, and Mike Sledge calls us arrogant and our state is a worse piece of shit than Georgia. Well, cheesehead – what does your state do? You can’t even get anyone to join you but an 85 yr. old woman. Let’s all run there. Lugh don’t speak of things which you know not. Have you been here? And Mike, shittier than your state? Georgia is 3rd only to Louisiana and Mississippi in black population w/ 30.5%. Texas’ population is less than 12% black. We don’t have a black problem in Texas. Look at the growth, maintaining the middle class and never dipping real… Read more »

People who aren’t from here or who have never lived here will never get it.

Yes we will because there’s tons of Mexicans that came up this way from TEXAS… They got the TEXAS license plates and are working at the Mexican restaurants they opened for dumb ass crackers to eat at. The local police here are all parked in front eating that shit everyday. Now we all live in TEXAS, that’s what my belt buckle says, god damnit! πŸ™‚

Good one Damon. I need to get one of those belt buckles. Yes we all know what it is like to live in Northern Mexico oops I mean TexASS lol



Wendy I did NOT say I was proud to be from WI or to live here. Texans in general are extremely proud to be from Texas though it is certainly nothing to be proud about. You had the urge to defend Texas & display that insane undeserved Texan pride. What does WI do? Who cares? What does Texas do besides import millions of Spics? Yes I said I can’t find any racialists that live close to me though I suppose Texas is loaded with racialists/nationalists. The list you gave about the glory of Texas was mainly bullshit. Potable water? lol No Black problem? There sure was a Black problem when I was there in the 80’s & an even worse Mestizo problem. Ga & TX… Read more »


Hey listen, I didn’t ever claim to be patriotic or proud. I simply stated facts not opinions. We do in fact have a better economy than the rest of the country. Fact: Georgia’s black population is 30+% while Texas’ remains below 12% The “mestizo” problem is country wide. You want to blame Texas because we have the largest boarder whatever. We are also flying illegals out of here back to Latin/Central America 2x a week. No other state is doing that. Fact: we don’t and didn’t suffer the housing crisis the rest of the country had. As far as the land, were you traveling with you eyes closed? You can find almost any landscape you want in Texas. No – I concede there will be… Read more »


Oh and Bill – I said Texas wasn’t perfect and it isn’t by far. ie: we do have sales tax and property tax, but we don’t have state income tax.

Shout along with me – FUCK Texas! Fuck Wisconsin! EVERYONE now – FUCK the Jewnited States! WI has less Blacks (% & numbers) than TX & we have a BIG Black/Mestizo problem in the cities (NE WI) as is the case for TX. I exaggerated in regards to the barren terrain there but my basic point was spot on. I know about E. TX which does NOT represent the entire rest of the state. If you want to be alienated from the Renegade experience because one unpopular individual speaks the truth about TX & Texans & stands by it then that’s on you. How about you ignore me & realize you will not get along with everyone? Most Americans are somewhat patriotic & arrogant &… Read more »


Bill, you must understand that blood and soil is at the root of real patriots My personal feelings of NH is my pride and joy. Dave is proud with his blood and soil. What we have in common is pride of settlement of this huge mass of land called America. Yes it really is not perfect but all the same this land was conquered by Aryans and we all must somehow reconquer our destiny. Why not be proud of your roots! I always told my mom that the squables with the French and English Canadians that is ongoing to this day is simply a silly old European dispute. It really is the same old same old of rebublican versus democrat, protestant versus catholic etc etc.… Read more »

Carmen you make some good points. A connection to blood (ancestors) & the soil (the land) is NOT the same as the retarded Texan pride that is all about flag waving, niggerball games & defending the STATE of TX & Texans from truthful criticism. Read the comments here from Texans & you will see that TX pride is NOT about blood & soil. I love the countryside in WI & I am connected to it. I get out there most every week. Connection to & love of the land is NOT the same as pride. I am NOT proud of the land/soil. I respect my ancestors that are deserving of respect & do NOT respect those that are not worthy. Pride in deserving roots is… Read more »

I meant SE WI. – NOT NE. I also meant there is no State income tax in TX – NOT sales tax.

GO FUCK YOURSELF BILL. You don’t know shit about Texas.

David I prefer fucking other people. Does a person ONLY “know about” TX if he is indoctrinated into the “Texas pride” crap & he does NOT say anything negative about TX & Texans? I noticed it is ONLY you that felt the need to let everyone know where you are from (TX) in the title of your show. A New Yorker would do that as well. However I will continue to listen to your program since you put on a very good program.

You came down here in the 80s & fucked this place up for over a decade by clogging all of the arteries & tried to turn it into the sewer you all came from. It took that long to straighten it all out. I will say this as many times as it takes – YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT TEXAS. Why? Because you fucking don’t. You haven’t the slightest clue about our history or culture. You did like most stupid northerners from the rust belt did. You come down here & bitch whine & moan & then fucked the place up. Now you want to bad mouth it when it was you fuck heads who made the mess in the first place. So you don’t… Read more »

WOW a huge bunch of nonsense From Texas Dave. Totally out of touch with reality. Drunk? You were sane & rational when you did the 2 programs I listened to. I will listen again as long as the programs are good no matter what you say. You are clearly irritated that I & others know the truth about TX & Texans. The secret has been out for a long time. Deal with it.

My family roots in WI go back to the 1840’s & my great grandfather helped create a town that was named after him (family name). SO WHAT? I have no desire to defend WI from truth tellers. The state has a lot of beautiful country but the same is the case in areas of the South, NE, SE, NW & most of the Midwest. SO WHAT! I suppose sewer rats (not being very bright) would want to defend the sewers they came from if they could.


Oh! and Mike, I got 7 words for you, “Siberia of the internet” originated in Texas.

Mike Sledge

It was just a joke Wendy relax. I knew it would make the texans pissed. Nothing serious was meant in those remarks. just having some fun. Relax!! Geez!!! DON’T MESS WITH TEXASS!!! LOL


Relax? It’s 69 degrees F in my house. I am so “Effem” chill. (rotflmao)

I agree with you Bill. Check out the race based map at – http://www.resist.com

The Mexicans enter through Texas, so they are responsible for the invasion, right?

Have heard that Houston city is nearly all Mexican and all Mexican radio stations!

The South is all black. Why people think it is a white racist proud area is weird.

You have no knowledge of Texas either.

You clearly don’t know shit about Houston either.

Yes Damon I spent a couple weeks in that hell hole Houston in the 80’s. Keep in mind that according to Texans like David – living in TX & traveling throughout the state & researching info like you did does NOT mean we know anything about TX. ONLY those that posses a strong TX pride know about TX. There are people that live in the few decent areas of Milwaukee that remain that ignore the rest of the hell hole city & pretend Milw, is great. That is what White folks are doing in many places (head in the sand) & they especially do that in TX.

Like I said Bill, you don’t know shit about texas or Houston & you again, can GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Mike Sledge

agreed Damon. We have failed the country here in the South. I agree.

We? The federal government controls immigration.


Bill – WTF is wrong with you? Is there a reason you feel the need to make statements and purport on the mindset of Texans when you haven’t been here in over 20 years? Tell me -What exactly did I do to offend you? Must be something. Is it that I did not compare Texas to Wisconsin. That I have no desire to call someone’s home a sewer? I’m not ever offended by the truth. I accept your anecdote about the one Texan as fact. I don’t accept the unprovoked bashing of a region by people that are going off bias perceptions, stereotypes, a 2-3 week visit in the ’80s and some stupid article written by the jewish owned media. And apparently I need to… Read more »

You have NOT offended me though YOU are very easily offended. Your last comment does NOT seem to reflect reading & understanding my comments. I was actually attempting a conciliatory tone. Clearly you are irritated when I point out any obvious negative truths about TX & Texans. Despite your denials you are clearly very patriotic towards TX.

Bill you wouldn’t know truth of it bit you in your fucking ass.


Bill- I’m sorry you feel that way. Read my comment below to Dana. I stand by my words. The truth does not offend me and my patriotism was lost but my will to survive is not, and I guess I still seek out the good in the white people around me. I can’t condemn my people because of the part of the country they were born in

Your words don’t mean shit to me because you still know nothing about Texas. Not a damn thing. You would get a near zero on any exam about this state. That’s just how fucking pathetic you are are.

Dana Antiochus

Oh man I knew this was going to create a shit fest. Let me just say this – I think what Sledge was alluding to is the idea that the whole country is fucked – some places may be less shitty than others, and still relatively white/proud,but on the whole we are losing ground everywhere – the same could be said for people that push the Northwest front idea…for all the Texas pride, we should remember whites are a minority there now, its loaded with Christian Zionists, and kosher conservatives like Bush and Perry. Thats all he was saying. But that said – I still prefer the Southern culture, and understand the historical reasons that make Texas its own independent country in a sense. All… Read more »


HI Dana-

I’m not denying anything you’ve said. I guess My only point when commenting was that this is no worse than any place else, which in turn maakes it bad; but to make a region and everyone in it seem worse is offensive. The truth in and of itself I am not offended by. I said repeatedly above, I’m not proud and Texas has its faults, but it is frustrating when people make statements that are based on biases that they condemn. I wouldn’t be so presumptuous to do so, and if it was all a joke…hey, I’m totally chill.

Tell me about Wisconsin. You could fill a good paragraph I’m sure. Beer, milk & cheese. They write volumes of books about my state as well as the republic. If you had the slightest clue about what you were talking about, you never would have opened your fucking mouth. You aren’t taught shit in yankeeland schools about Texas. You know as much about Texas as much as damn mouse. In fact, you have probably never even seen a territorial expansion map of the U.S. If Eric, who never saw one when he went to school in Boston didn’t, I know good & damn well, you are lucky to even know how to spell Texas, much less run your stupid ass mouth about it. Nor do… Read more »

I am NOT a WI patriotard so I will NOT defend the STATE of WI. As for my knowledge on TX I spoke about Texans during the show & commented on them & the STATE of TX here & you have not offered a rational response to any of it yet nor demonstrated any knowledge about TX. Your basic point has been “if you don’t love the STATE of TX you don’t know fucking shit about TX & should go fuck yourself”. Your new point is that “they” have written volumes about TX. lol With debating skills like that it is best to keep silent. You confuse the TX pride you were indoctrinated into with knowledge. One will NOT learn much in school beyond basic… Read more »

If I were to write about the positive aspects of WI I would write about the land & my ancestors that are worthy of mention. I would NOT write about unhealthy crap like beer or much on dairy (cow) products. I would mention what matters most rather than concentrate on the economy like Wendy did. My family roots book is well over 100 pages.

I notice you (Texas Patriotard Dave) have NOT mentioned ANYTHING relevant about TX. I notice your info on WI is limited to the “pop” stuff the lemmings know like beer & cheese. However based on your feeble-minded comments you apparently know more about WI than TX.

Don’t listen to my show Bill. You might learn something. We will need garbage men in our new society. You would fit the bill for that nicely.

If I would only qualify as a garbage man (you look like one) then I suspect you will be washing the truck I drive & sweeping the lot I park it in.

LOL! You have no clue what I look like at this time.

OK so now you look like a retired garbage man.


As for listening to your program – as I stated I listened (partially) to 2 of your shows. You read from other people’s material (material I was familiar with) & you read it effectively. When I stated the programs were very good I was using the Dale Carnegie approach (undeserved flattery) & thus I rated your show on a curve designed to elevate the self esteem of a simpleton. I learned that a conciliatory approach is not effective with you. Perhaps in the future you can advance to having something worthwhile to say yourself on your programs.

I’m with you on that Bill. Dave is a tough listen, at least months ago. I only caught a couple of those too and a few more when he is in conversation with other hosts which is better. If Dave took callers it would improve his show. I generally do not like any of the shows of reading others works. I skipped through those kind before but now I just don’t download them. It helps a little when the reader stops to comment but they should read the material off air then give us only the highlights on shows or explain what they read in their own words. Mike has been killing it recently!!! Me and him live like opposite lifestyles but when he is… Read more »


Damon, if you don’t like the way some of us do our shows every week, record your own show and let the audience listen to you in “hatecore battle mode”. Or write an essay for the Tribune. Constructive criticism is fine, but I am getting tired of seeing people bitch about what we need to cover or how we need to do our shows better. Step up to the plate instead of being just a spectator here.

I will work on something. I have done writtings. The ‘print’ section at Resist.Com is all of my doing except the race maps. So you are allowed to use those if you want for now. Those are not the hatecore style I speak of though. That is propaganda to try to spark new people. I was starting to do shows for the Insurgent but they were not much. Me and Tom disagree on some other issues so he held that against me to show I am not good. For example I think country music is all sh!t, etc. I hate that hick crap! I just believe all the soft historic, religious shows kind of mellow people out. It encourages people to waste their time reading… Read more »


I happen to like Dave’s shows. I like that Dave does not bother with callers. There is no distraction with the subject matter. Dave is not a tough listen at all. I look foward to Sunday every week with Dave. So he reads from others from time to time. Geez don’t we all! Things need to be repeated. The info that Dave puts out is needed. All the guys at Renegade are their own person and do great shows. The religious question is important to tackle. A break down in laymens terms which is important to grab the youth, and this Renegade does well. I have said before that the Renegade crue grabbed the attention of lots of youths including my son Dana. They may… Read more »

I am anti-christian. But the info about ancient European religion is even a waste. It did not protect Europe. Odinism, snakes etc is what I meant. This stuff may be intellectually interesting but just calms people down and keeps their heads in the past and often extremely distant past. I hate WW2 history too, it’s all overkill to sell books. I am happy to see National Alliance and their Vanguard Books go. Now future racialists may not be dragged into burying their heads into thick books! What I meant by artsy nonsense is readings of poets love poems, classics etc. I do not have the attention span for it as many of the common people of today, so it will only appeal to the boring… Read more »


“The best of the gentiles: kill him; the best of snakes: smash its skull; the best of women: is filled with witchcraft.” Kiddushin 66c

My shows will continue to be done in the way I see fit. If you are not seeking wisdom, go elsewhere.

Hosts receive too much credit for simply reading what others wrote, either long ago or not. Anyone can do that… Plus there’s tons of pro-white music yet hosts usually pick mainstream jew label bands… way to support ours, sarcasticly typing. What public (on air waves) show do you know of where they pull out long articles or books and just sit there are read entire documents? None! Most of the shows on here could be just recorded as .mp3 files and stored to download. What is the point of being live on the internet if you do not take calls? I guess to read the chat box but that is not noticed much to the download listeners. I ballpark that around two dozen, 20 to… Read more »

Damon I was just returning the hostility that was directed at me when it comes to that comment on David from TX. The Carnegie approach advocates for sincere compliments rather than insincere ones & my initial 2 compliments of his show were sincere though a bit inflated (I said they were very good rather than good). I do NOT mind hosts reading material though I agree one should comment on the material & take on topic calls which they sometimes do. People are unlikely to call in while someone is reading material unless on topic calls are requested. Some people are better at reading material (proper voice inflection/ broadcaster voice) than others. I did receive some negative feedback when I first started sending people to… Read more »

Many racialist are voracious readers. I have been since I was a kid though I have grown weary of reading lately & have only read 2 or 3 books a year for the last couple years. I loved the Vanguard Books list/booklet. Many great books.

The Jews did us a great service by getting rid of the organizations, especially the ones that sell thick books to pacify the white cause and get personal wealth. I order you Jews to take down NSM next, thank you for your help. Fvck the Aryan Nations, fvck the National Alliance and Vanguard Books, fvck the Klans. There’s the extreme book worms and the extreme white trash. We need to find the center of being smart but not wasting all the time reading etc. But also not being white trash hicks by smoking, drinking, getting/being fat or obese, or making ourselves black with ink tattoos all over legs, chest, back and/or arm sleeves and facial tattoos etc. To start with anyway. That’s why I do… Read more »

wandering who?

who the fuck are you?

Dana – this is on Christ Insanity VS pre-Christ Insanity religions.

The video was for Damon – NOT Dana

Nice video.

I don’t facilitate those who come here with agenda. Your tactics are crude & only work on those who haven’t seen them before.

I am not for or proposing censorship on here, just pointing out the double standards.

If me, Bill or somebody else insulted others on this website such as David in Texas has done several times we would be banned.

Actually the library IP I use is banned from the chat box on the front page by Kyle because I made a simple old joke once with making my name “Mike Hunt”…


I am too busy to moderate comments between ADULTS that frequent here or host here. I don’t have time for the BS. Same goes for investigating trolling in the chat. If you want that IP unbanned, just let me know what it is.

I was insulted first or do you have a reading & comprehension problem?


Oh yeah you do, because that is all your shows are…

Fvck anyone that thinks I am out of line with this a$$hole,
read all of his stupid ass hick chain-smoking replies here.



I listened to this show late last night and thought it was all funny as Hell! Mike’s impressions are great as always and now I realize it was mostly Mike exposing Texas so why all the hatin’ on Bill… Alex Jones lives in Texas, ’nuff said! LOL!!! I will give you Ross Perot, he seemed okay until he had to retreat since the Jews probably threatened to murder his entire family if he didn’t shut his old ass up. But that does not make up for Bush Sr., Bush Jr., etc. Wouldn’t you know it as soon as I stop calling into shows like the Roundtable, Lugh starts letting other people talk!! My phone battery died and actually broke that last roundtable I was on… Read more »

Race Mixing Chart for the United States by my experience in the Midwest: (Note: Asian women keep fit much more than the average white or other females. Asian men seem better fit than the average other males.) White Male with Asian Female – Rare. Due to low Asian population in US. White Male with Mexican Female – Very Rare White Male with Black Female – Extremely Rare White Female with Black Male – Extremely Common! The cute slim are with niggers too! White Female with Mexican Male – Rare White Female with Asian Male – Very Rare Mexican Male with Black Female – Extremely Rare Mexican Female with Black Male – Extremely Rare Asian Female with Black Male – Almost Non-existent Asian Female with Mexican… Read more »

Thanks Damon. Frank has a lot of knowledge on various subjects & is interesting but he (& others here) can be rather soft on some issues like miscegenation. You should call in next time. If I cut you off before I will NOT do it again.

Bill and Dave need to schedule a pay-per-listen show on here!

Or we can have a tag-team of Bill & Mike versus Dave & Wendy.

It would probably need a couple ref’s such as Kyle & Dana πŸ™‚

How about you Damon? You have an agenda too?



πŸ™‚ That part of this show are excellent by Mike πŸ™‚

Bill, you did not cut me off but I am somewhat jealous that you and other callers get to talk forever when I was limited to a very brief or half sentence usually which included somebody talking over my words because their system gives preference to the hosts voice lines.

Obviously Lugh cut everybody off! It seems he is over doing that now though.

On about every show of Dana’s I was on he would ask me a question then without a second pause continues to comment in a form of answering it for me, which is hilarious but confuses the listening audience I’m sure. πŸ™‚

Bill is here to disrupt. He has an agenda..

Yes David I have an agenda here & it is to promote Renegade. This is the BEST organization going now & my favorite internet podcasts are here. That is clear if you listen to my on air comments & look at my comments made to EVERY hosts programs. I even complimented you 2 times despite your vulgar irrational hostility towards me. I listen to Renegade Broadcasting regular though I catch Sledge, Kyle, Dana & the Roundtable the most so far. I just recently checked out Siegfried & I will be listening to his show regularly from now on. Renegade hosts cover topics that I think are VERY important & usually neglected elsewhere & this is a GREAT place to attract the best of our youth.… Read more »

Alex & the others like him are here because they know they have to control people here. That’s why the shear number of military bases are here & mainly in the south. Most also have Confederate Generals’ names – on purpose. But don’t let logic sway your idiot IQ thinking. If you don’t get that, you need to go elsewhere as we don’t need retards in our part of this movement. You don’t know the first thing about what you are talking about.

Easy for you to sit back & say that now that you have been called out. You did what you did with every intention of getting a rise out of me & you knew you would as you don’t really care for most of my topics & think someone else would fit in better. Which is what you really desire. I’m not stupid. You would also like to steer Renegade more to a direction to your liking. I would expect that tactic out of someone younger. Very amateurish. I have seen this sort of thing over & over. You are aren’t talking to one of these younger guys here. I know when I hear BS. Well I will always defend Texas even though I know… Read more »

I know I said I would ignore you but I can’t help it. You are so VERY out of touch with reality & VERY paranoid. So I am working on a plot to get rid of you? Before you said I was here to disrupt things. How in the hell could I get rid of you & why would I have even wanted to prior to your attacks on me? You say I don’t like the topics you cover yet you cover the same type important topics as all of the other hosts here do (sure I do not think every host covers an important topic every single time – my opinion). Am I trying to replace all of you? Why? How? Have you heard… Read more »

Bill, you’re selling yourself way too short! πŸ™‚

You(Bill) and James that is also in Wisconsin
should start your own show like on TalkShoe.

You 2 guys sound alike and I would think you are
the same person if it was not for you both being
on at the same time during the Roundtable before.

I love when people put their feet in their mouths like you just did. You further demonstrate you have a reading & comprehension problem. Just as I said you did. People who have nothing to proud of are clueless as to why others who do have something to be proud of, have it. You don’t know the first thing about Texas & you never will. All you fucking Yankees are pretty much the same.

As for steering renegade I have no ability to do that. Sure I call in to express my opinion but that is the extent of it. I like to push the hard line on race mixing so I express my opinion on it & some hosts agree. No conspiracy or evil plan there.


How sad. Is that the best you can do? I guess not. You gave us an example of your IQ which appears by that statement to be slightly above a negroid.

Please stay in Texas, or at least the South in general.


Kyle, David, Mike, Lugh, Dana and Sieg,
STAND YOU GROUND!!! Don’t change a thing. This is what Renegade is and has to stay true.
Like Tom Metzgar said, “It’s not the amount of people you reach, it’s the quality of them.”
Stay true.

What are all of you book readers going to do? πŸ™‚
Throw heavy books at the non-whites with weapons?
– Which is also a paraphrased quote from Metzger.

Mike at least does not say “hey guys sit here and
listen to me while I read another boring piece..”

So the quality of being chain smokers and alcoholic drunks that just read?

I am refering to the bulk of the listeners I’m sure and most of the hosts!


Damon, I am getting rather tired of seeing a new comment by you every few minutes.

See. This is the direction these infiltrators want to steer us. All muds this, muds that. *PUKE* I’ve always been able spot this kind of scum as soon as they start. They think they are so fucking slick. I knew if I pushed them a little, they would spill their guts. Thank you. You are an amateur.

Actually Lugh your analysis on Putin was pretty good. I had to listen again to really appreciate it. Your take is not actually that far from Kyle or Sledge though they (me too) think Putin is too cozy with Jews & more interested in his own power than in what is best for his people. It is especially telling that he has done NOTHING to stem the Israeli trade in Russian sex slaves.