Renegade Roundtable: All About Attitude and Activism (9-15-18)

Kyle and Sinead chat for a little while before welcoming Wolf and Anthony onto the show for a wide-ranging discussion: weather warfare, sketch comedy, black propaganda, a winning mindset, hollow-cost fears, christ insanity, cube culture, and much more.

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Great show! Wolf has some really astute observations concerning our enemy and I’m so proud of Anthony putting himself out there. His story about the traffic jam was wonderful! And Anthony, never let me and my big mouth get in the way of calling in or pushing forward or whatever. Usually, I just have a quick point to make and am always willing to sit quiet afterwards and hear what everyone else has to add. The more the merrier on a Roundtable. You and I are the same; awake white people grateful for this platform to have a voice. Voices that Kyle welcomes and gives room according to his discernment high and low.

Anthony Roberts

Why fiddle-dee-dee Miss Scarlett, that’s mighty nice of you lol. Sorry couldn’t resist. Being the only boy with two older sisters, i was plonked in front of the TV from around the age of six, so know all the scumbag jewish movies/shows/characters from 1970-2015. What a waste of my few developing neurons! I hope my inane babble, or the majority-male table didn’t send Sinead to bed earlier than she had wanted? Or was it was just happy maternal family tiredness? Apols if that was not the case. I always end up rambling, #nerves. Hopefully, more ladies will follow Sinead’s, yours Scarlett, and all the brave ladies who contribute so much to Renegade, and start speaking out more. We need you!! PS Tubthumping: i was almost… Read more »

Not at all Anthony! I was happy you guys came on so I could sneak out lol I was falling asleep in my very uncomfortable chair. Thank you for calling in.

Remember the women and men in Thailand that were dressed in Waffen SS uniforms, and were doing the Roman salute at a restaurant years ago? The ADL had them shut down right away, for being “Nazis”! Jews are despicable!

Thanks for pissing that jew off, Anthony – great job! I hope that we expose these devils big time!

Hi Scarlet, I loved this roundtable, too, and I’ve listened to a few shows when you had called in. I totally understand so many of your concerns and have enjoyed your input! I was just thinking – black propaganda and, or humorous skits, parodies (like Kyle and Sinead do) could really bring less informed people into our NS forum! They were talking about Shabat Shalom (eww, it just gives me the shivers just thinking about it) which is a SNL type show that pushes zionism – maybe we could have a show called Shabat Heil Hitler, lol? I love our ability to be creative, thanks for reading


Hi Lotti, thank you for the kind words. You have a good idea and I agree humor could be useful in pulling in some new folks. I’m always on board to help in pro white efforts but I think you might be overestimating my creative abilities when it comes to theatrical humor. Most people I know tell me I’m too serious. Lol

Great show – great Roundtable! Great that Anthony pissed off that one jew – good for you Anthony, I love it! Wolf – I really like you, too! Wolf – great strategies – leave critical books in public places, tape informational CDs to the bathroom wall, I love that! Yes – we need to expose the holohoax as MUCH as we can for AS LONG as we can! Great points about Christian Zionism, too – those people are some of the dumbest, most selfish, and most awful people! – that they would help the evil jews so that they can bring their version of Jesus in, is just so evil! Christian Zionists are a huge problem! I’m so glad that Wolf called in – we… Read more »

Great show, folks. It was nice to hear some comic relief in a time when we have to be serious. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and will definitely be listening to it again. Happy to hear from Mr. Anthony and Wolf as well. Great insight guys.

On that note, I want to thank Mr. Anthony for his courage to drive around with his promotional materials in what is essentially enemy-occupied territory. Good on you, sir.


This was an excellent programme not to mention a deeply stimulating discussion! well enjoyed!


I have to show you what they’ve done to you because we’re running out of earth. This is so you literally will feel the whole thing. You were an Archetype Roman for 1300 years to billions and billions of of people and Zionism’s elements have taken that away from any of us. In India, Lithuania, and Greece you would retain the ethereal magnitude, definitely Indonesia rock star Indonesia but the list ends with Bulgaria, Syria & Lebanon to a lesser extent, Iran it would be like Indonesia. Hindus growing up with Muslims, since they are like 4 years old have prophets, angels and archetypes literally burned or impinged in their minds. It’s way better than the stupid snake and the apple. The other 2 are… Read more »



I second that emotion! Lol

That was my thinking too – I have no clue


WvO, Is this a code or something? Do I need to take every third letter in of each word and write them down on a separate pice of paper in order to decipher what the hell you’re trying to say.

In the future please include the cipher.

My head hurts.

Foster XL

Bot in training? :/

Lol, Foster!