Renegade Roundtable: Aryan Authoritarians Say “No You Can’t!” (2-2-19)

Kyle and Sinead speak for the first hour about a number of issues related to self-sufficiency and community collaboration, the lizard kings, and not getting triggered on command. They then talk to Tabitha and Anthony in the second hour about how great our world could be if people stopped accepting toxic totalitarianism.

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When someone mentions ugly architecture, the monstrosities of Jewish-Canadian architect Frank Gehry come to mind. The recent tribune article on Neuschwanstein Castle makes for a stark contrast.
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Gosh those are just nauseating to look at, I will never understand the appeal of or motivation behind so called architecture like that. The worst of them I’ve seen in person is the Kunsthaus Graz, doubly offensive because it was designed specifically to be an art house. It ruins the beauty of Graz, where normally the eye would be drawn toward Schlossberg (the second pic).
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also the Ontario Museum is pretty painful to look at
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Mr. Hilter

Ugly as sin is what these monstrosities are,which is not surprising since they are conceived by demonic minds

It’s funny that all the (((post-structuralist))) architecture was started to supposedly counter (((socialist realism))). Funny how that works.


The last photo is the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. What we can see of the old Victorian style original looks far nicer than the absurd add-on.

Lotti Von Hesse

Steve, I have a small theory on ugly, jewish, architecture – I think that they are hallucinating off of acid, and or other intense hallucinagenic drugs, such as “magic” mushrooms when designing these hideous looking buildings!!

Anthony Roberts

Thanks for taking my call. It was a pleasure to speak with the three of you. The #NoYouCan’t message is fantastic, and needs to become every White person’s mantra. Even if you have a family, or just scared of losing your job, you can still help fight White genocide by giving your race and our children’s future, some of your spare time. It’s building that community spirit. Stealth leafletting; striking up a convo; writing an article for the Tribune; buying handcrafted products from Sinead or Kyle, or perhaps donate a small amount from any spare cash you may have left over. It all helps. PS The paintings at are simply stunning. Put me down for one in April, mate. Remember: shun Lowe’s – buy… Read more »


There’s no such thing as “Jewish art”. It’s a statement of pure disgust with everything that’s wrong with the world (and that’s how the Jewish mind functions). How about doing a series on how to bring out the artist in all of us, for example – Bob Ross. Saw this in Jerusalem once.

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Butt-pirate Dickie Spencers bff has some splainin’ to do…


The castle on top of the rock in northern Slovakia
[IMGcomment image[/IMG]

another view:
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Re: EBT cards (food stamps). A convenience store worker told me of a guy who grabs three cheese sticks and pays for them in one ebt transaction each, also taking out $20 cash in each. Then uses the $60 cash to buy lottery tickets.