Renegade Roundtable: Chris Dorsey Hosts (10-22-16)


chris dorsey hosts the show to reflect on some recent events at Renegade and cover current events. Lots of callers – Nick Spero, Ralph, David, Shaun, Johnny Reb, GovHater, and more. They discuss right-wing controlled opposition such as John Birch Society, jewish honey pots and data mining operations, relations with Iran and Russia, and much more. Music list

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Great show tonight! Renegades keep asending. Best the network has ever been. The evolution from the original days of Greg and Celtic Rebel is remarkable. I must ask whatever happened to Dave in Texas, he did some good esoteric work?


Virginia elections password was for many years abc123. This is documented by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency which is controlled Military contractor Northrop Grumman.

quatre skin

I like Dorsey more and more every time I hear him. He’s hard core — which is what Renegade is supposed to be about!


Greetigs qs cheers!

Sir Algernon Farnsworth

With regards to oral hygiene, I have oil pulled for close to 5 years using coconut oil. The amount of bacteria and food particles removed via this method is second to none. This form of oral hygiene has been used for thousands of years by numerous cultures. 1. 1 tbs. of coconut oil 2. Swish for 15-20 minutes. 3. Spit out. 4. Rinse mouth with Himalayan salt. 5. Brush teeth with natural, non-fluoridated toothpaste. With regards to the use of weed. Numerous studies have pointed to the under-development of the neocortex area of the brain when exposed to various plant chemicals found in weed. This occurs in developing brains of teens and young adults, thus damaging their ability to reason and use logic. Neocortex: It… Read more »

Interesting show as always Chris ! Thank you and the team.

One thing I have in the back of my mind, is that relative of your’s that works in DC as a Defense Lawyer ? you mentioned in your first show. I was wondering if I could ask you some thing about that ?


Greetings and thanks Roj. My brother is a lawyer working for the US Dept of Defense i get limited information from him.

Yeah, I understand that would be the case, Chris. I often wondered why militia has sat idle for so long when there has been many cases for flushing the toilet as it were, ha ha, 🙂 aint gonna happen that way it seems. I’m sure the cool guys in DC know what you do and about all these sites, shows etc, like Daily Stormer Storm Front Renegades Black Lives Matter etc on and on, and I think I can see where it is all going now. Correct me if i’m wrong, but I don’t think it looks good, and it is a shame. It’s like they want “the Nazis” to rise up proud for the whole World to see, so that they can all get… Read more »


Isis gets free US government ie American citizens funded heavy weapons tax stamp free no questions asked no background check unless it was the 6 “vetted” terrorist. Every American should have a weapons depot near by to become proficient in there use free of charge. In WWII American service men brought back any weapon they wanted as war trophy ie spoils/benefits of war…. Now that the troops are just wage slaves they have no rights above master who takes all the spoils of war to sell to Isis and charge the dupes who lost limbs lives and honor steeling it….long fall from freedom

Kelso Potsovoli

Tell Trump that…I’m sure he’ll remedy the situation for the vets, and all of us, who are under the threat of ISIS attacks here in the homeland! Unbelievable! Mark it down, Trump will NOT repeal ANY of the codified police state powers he will inherit; all that’s been built since Oklahoma City, all which Alex Jones claims he loathed, he will have to defend under Fuhrer Trump. Trump was not made for the office of POTUS, the office of POTUS has been made for him…get ready…the Alt_Right whited & the Zio-duped Christian whites will be his “Brown Shirts”…his enemies are the Jews’ enemies, the thinking white man…and who thinks mire, than a man used by his own government as an expendable pawn in wars ONLY… Read more »

Nick Spero

Good image for the show page. I was considering this one or the other one I chose. I wasn’t sure if it would work since its more square than horizontal in dimensions 🙂


Re Russia having underground bunkers and us not, like that’s a problem: if the Feds came to you and said “you have to go into these underground bunkers we built for you. It’s only a drill.” Would you go into them??!!


I agree with this point. Perhaps those bunkers are for the extermination of remaining dissidents. If Earth became so polluted, there is another portal or planet for the elites. The goyim would be left to die on an earth rapid transforming into a desert wasteland.


Sure if I can bring my guns you are thinking as “if” they did when they have not. In effect they already made it clear they want to cull the U.S. Into kosher village 2

Let’s not play the if game when it is made clear the purge is in effect after a bit of hunger games fun