Renegade Roundtable: Chris Hosts (10-1-16)


A man called chris dorsey takes calls from Tony, Kyle, John, David, Fred, Shield Maiden, and Shaun. Topics include: the Shimon Peres funeral, criminal banking, staged shootings, Hoboken train wreck, balkanization, ICANN control of the internet, traitors, and more.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Great RT – thanks to a man called Chris and all callers. Your time and effort is much appreciated. After seeing Chris’s Hoboken vid, i posted comments on (((DM & BBC))) directing people to the press release section on the port authority of ny/nj website. It clearly stated a drill was scheduled for the 29th and there would be major disruptions. I was called a ‘conspiracy psycho’ and ‘disease’ – and those were the good ones lol. People are soooo fluoridated. I agree about the impending controlled “pull it” financial collapse coming. I keep seeing reports that Deutsche bank is on the brink; that would be the start imo. Soros will be rubbing his claws again. PS It’s the jew new year of 5777 on… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

That sucks – the 3rd being 5777. On YT, Polariation Nation Media was decoding and saying the 4th of October is embedded in Hollywood films as a day a big event is going to happen….

7 years ago

Of course we need a strong militia, thanks person-chris. It is likely that the world economy will collapse before the end of the year, which means, that so will Polite Society. It would be great if we had a military we could count on (most probably absent the well-to-do Generals) to allow Debt Cancellation and to go get back for us the money the Banksters have stolen. Wall Street has stolen going on 100 trillion dollars from us; there is no money set aside for retirekment; all of which means Wall Street is planning our genocide.

Reply to  listerine
7 years ago

Just last month, just as in Sept., 2001, an official announcement was made about the trillions of dollars that are ‘missing’ from the Pentagon.

7 years ago

Chris, here’s one of the lead proponents of the North West Front:

I agree, we must confront these people head on. Good show !

Reply to  Roj Blake
7 years ago

Greetings Roj and thank you, as far as the so called North West Front it appears pointless to the larger agenda. My home is on the east coast i have no intention of retreating to a place where i have no roots. i believe the opposite strategy must be employed i am urging people in our movement to congregate/operate around the east coast and other centers of power in the nation formed by our ancestors.

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