Renegade Roundtable: Chris Hosts (12-17-16)

chris dorsey takes calls anddiscusses the important issues of the day and how they can be rectified by execution of the law.

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Check out Thomas Goodrich’s site. He is big-time jizzing his pants for The Donald. Goodrich is otherwise a good guy and totally jew wise, so why is he playing pocket pool thinking about the biggest jew cock sucker of all time? Your guess is as good as mine. Brain damage from fluoride, chemtrails, food additives? Massive delusional psychosis? Who the fuck knows? What a shame. Would love some host from Renegade to get him on for an hour.

Great Show Chris! I wish I could’ve brought more into the conversation but I wasn’t thinking straight due to being worn out from finals and moving all my stuff out of my dorm room.Anyways, I don’t get why most people here seem to disagree with what I believe in voting and about inspiring our folk to start forming political parties and getting elected. Half the adult population didn’t even vote and that means we can get a decent amount of them to start voting our way. I still love you guys and gals anyways.

It is because voting, the political system itself IS THEIR contraption. They made it up so as to create an environment they can control. It is all their game. The only thing we have is to revert to Natural Law, which is what they want to isolate us from and make us believe that anything is worthwile in their fake slave system.

Well I say it’s worth a try as Hitler won power due to elections. The next market crash is when we should unload propaganda and push renegade approved politicians . I plan on running in around 15-20 years if things go well and I hope to win for the good of the people

It LOOKS like Hitler did, but what he did was he took the politikal system and transformed it. I know what you mean, in terms of he did it officially and through the “proper political channels” but he effectively took Germany FROM the politicians and made the DAP into the NASDAP. He was not submissive to the system, which is my point. He walked in, took it by it’s lapels and shook it to the ground. This was not a passive thing by playing by it’s rules, he changed it rules because he saw what Germany was, and what it could be. He owned the system, that is why everything changed. He did not comply with the system, he entered it and then changed it.
Maybe you should invest some serious time studying the actual process of voting so you can comprehend how it’s rigged and what needs to happen to make it not rigged. Ground yourself. If you’re going to participate in a process, know it inside and out and understand where it is being abused, and if that abuse completely undermines the entire process, and if that abuse can be corrected. People need to get this through their heads. It’s not complicated. Go on youtube and search for florida programmer election fraud and listen to a guy describe writing the code to flip votes. That’s a simple form of abuse. With computers you can make it as complex as you want AND you can actually hide your tracks.… Read more »
This is a contraversal subject at RENEGADE but I’ll put my two cents in. Their argument that we can’t vote our way out of this; I not only believe to be legitimate but hold to be true. Our current system is so corrupt that I believe conflict is inevitable. People in power don’t like to give it up easily. Where I differ is I don’t believe we can get the whole country (US) back. We need a safe place, a home land for our people where whites can determine their own destiny among their own kind. This means control of the government at the local grassroots level. This means voting. The fact of the matter is that state and local gun and marijuana laws are… Read more »

Well I want to debate someone on the topic on Voting and Political Action on a show here but yeah, I don’t think that we only only rely on political action, I think we should use any tactic we can use to achieve our goals of a freer and more prosperous homogenous society in America. i also see voting and political action as Nationalist qualities

That’s correct. Just because voting is not a long term STRATEGY to achieve our goals; that doesn’t mean it isn’t a useful TACTIC in the interim. The circumstances on the ground (i.e. the real world) should always dictate the tactics deployed.

Problem w/voting? A huge one, even just REGISTERING to vote you are swearing under penalty of law that you are a US citizen which you are not (unless you’ve sworn in court or are a legal naturalized immigrant. Best to keep all allegiances to US INC to a min. When you register to vote you are giving you are also saying believe that your vote counts which it certainly does not. To act like we are under any type of legitimate govt is treason IMO and the lesser of two evils has gotten into this situation we are in. How would it look if nobody showed up to their sham (s)elections? Pretty damn bad. That is why they have these get out the vote campaigns… Read more »

Why rely on one tactic alone? No other successful nationalist group does that.

PS. I forgot to mention that sanctuary cities are the direct result of local precinct voting

Good point. It’s where change can be made at this point.

I think various strongholds are not a bad idea in the least but they can’t be remotely advertised as such. It has to be the sort of thing where people who know people form together and keep their mouths SHUT about their goals and intentions around outsiders. Jews are literally in the process of inserting feral blacks and other section 8 into white dominated areas and these people don’t even communicate a need to protect whites from a racial view. What do you think kikes are going to do to people who announce “come to X, where whites can flourish and do our own thing?” They’ll fucking WACO the place or whatever it takes to keep a homogenous healthy anti-jew oriented people from growing and… Read more »

Insure an honest voting system before you worry about all the other shit. Otherwise it’s a complete waste of time and there are better outlets for our energy.