Renegade Roundtable: Chris Hosts (12-3-16)


chris dorsey hosts the roundtable and talks to Gadsden, Billy, and Sean. Topics include: election results investigated, treason at the highest levels, heinous crimes, taking action, European common law, and more.

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Richard Spencer is in todays Sunday Times (the newspaper the aristocracy use) in a full page article titled “Be afraid Liberals, I’m the new world order”.

Terrific show chris. Hit many important topics and you were very even-handed with the callers…more restrained in fact than I would have been in some instances! Here’s a quote from the great historian Edward Gibbon for all of those who believe we can somehow vote our way out of this mess or play in their rigged system: “A martial nobility and stubborn commons, possessed of arms, tenacious of property, and collected into constitutional assemblies form the only balance capable of preserving a free constitution against the enterprises of an aspiring prince.” Now while I would modify it a bit, it brings home a fundamental point: the people themselves have to be the guardians and protectors of their own welfare and destiny.

Excellent show, but can whoever wrote this description please spell my name right. LOL. anyways awesome show, wish i could’ve brought more to the conversation

Try calling in some time when you are not inebriated, Gadsden. Thanks.

sorry about that guys and gals. just had to unwind from a long and stressful week. I’ll try to limit myself next time.

Alcohol is called ignorant oil, for very good reason. It is amazing what a pick-up is a half-teaspoon (or 3/4 if one wants to man up, lol) of pine gum spirits of turpentine, absorbed by three cubes of sugar. Mine is a Diamond G Forest product from Patterson, Georgia.

and drink lots of water, clean of coursel.

add a pinch of ROCK SALT to a pint of water. Plain water flushes out too many minerals. And add it to distilled water if you can get or make it.

Tell your mom you’re a white preservationist. That’s what I tell people. Not because I’m trying to be PC but because it makes them the aggressors if they attack your position. What do they have against the preservation of white people? As for using words like nigger, faggot, and Kike the context should dictate this. I don’t use these words with any frequency. Again not to be PC but I don’t want to play into their “NO ALL” argument. These words are considered blanket statements whether you intend it or not. And sadly the term White Nationalist has ben given a definition of hate and supremacy by the usual suspects. Damn it! They have even hijacked the meanings of our words.

I remember seeing some lady on you tube that claimed to of went to school with Obama an said he was never into women an that he was fucking onl jew men for coke basically.

Mia Maria Pope is the name she has given and she did not go to school with him, but knew of the expensive school he went to in Hawaii, where she summered, although during the regular school year she spent in California. Yes, Rense and Manning, for two, interviewed her, and all can listen to the audio on tape. She even gave out her phone number for any who care to call her, and gave a lot of details about what a creepy homosexual hustler he was, a bottom man for whites who paid him. She pointed out that she always thought he was a foreign student who lived humbly with his grandmother in a home that led her to think he could not otherwise… Read more »


Officers swore misleading affidavits (5min video)

Mike King although a Trumper & Putinist really is good at exposing WW2 Lies.

Russia is our enemy? I understand the problems with Putin; but why such a strong declaration? David Duke is an agent gate keeper? If he’s shilling for the Jews, he’s doing a piss poor job. His YouTube videos are all about naming the Jew. If you have evidence of this I haven’t seen it. I’ve seen him on several occasions say that there is evidence the Israelis had prior knowledge to 911 but he doesn’t say they did it. Either way, whatever their participation they didn’t warn us and that makes them an enemy. An enemy that tried to sink the USS LIBERTY. Anyone who follows Duke’s videos will not be ignorant of this and many other Jewish crimes against our people. If he’s a… Read more »

Read the Peristroika Deception and New Lies for Old Tony. Also check out Norman Dodd and the Carnegie Foundation regarding the merging of the Soviet Union with the U.S. Then check out the “victory” parade in Moscow last year and hear the talk of the “fascists,” the Judeo-Masonic-Bolshevik red star everywhere and the playing of the Soviet anthem praising Stalin and Lenin. Go check the s out and then see if it makes a little more sense to you.

Duke shills for jews by covering for them and pushing the Muslim terrorism BS. Try bringing up Sandy Hook, The Bataclan or any hoax event and he’ll not accept that Israel security services ran those ops as hoaxes. The same applies to Stormfront. Duke is tired, old and irrelevent for this movement; if people can’t acknowledge the hoaxes, for whatever reason (maybe he’s just old and stuck in his ways), then they’re no good for us. He is also incredibly boring. You are doing us no favour recommending his videos, when it is guaranteed to turn people away – at least anyone under the age of 50 (i.e fighting age). He isn’t “rather boring at times”, he’s boring beyond belief; the kind of boring that… Read more »
Muslim terrorism is most certainly not BS. Even if there were no Jews we would still have a problem with Radical Islam. They have their Hadith just like Jews have their Talmud. While it’s true that the Jews manipulate them to further their Zionist goals and have opened the flood gates to Europe; they are still a problem in and of themselves. I believe in exposing conspiracies as well; such as the HOLOHOAX. But taking such a stance as that your whole movement has to hinge on the acceptance of all conspiracies that YOU have determined to be true is not wise. How are his videos “guaranteed to turn people away”? From what your Sandy Hook Hoax? I think the USS LIBERTY, the Levon Affair,… Read more »
I don’t need pontificating to by a amateurs like yourself, with your newbie analysis, thank you. The hoax terrorism in the West is ALL carried out by Israeli and (((British))) security services. Show me Muslim terrorism in the West that doesn’t originate from MI5 trained Imans (and even then the Muslims are just patsys). It doesn’t exist. Given you can’t show example, how are you so certain? There is no radical Islam with jewish agents training Imans – amny of whom are actually jews, just like the jews that run Evangelican Zionist mega churches. No one is asking people to accept all conspiracies as true by decree. There is plenty of evidence, and any critically thinking individual can see through these Israeli security services hoax… Read more »

^ “…without jews training the Imans…”

For the sake of argument let’s assume that all Islamic terrorism is controlled by Jews. The fact is they wouldn’t be able to manipulate them if they didn’t have the inclination to begin with. You do you realize that Islam is over 1400 years old and has had the goal of a worldwide Caliphate from it’s inception? You do know that Mohamed was a pedophile himself? Try telling our women and children in Europe who have been raped and assaulted by these degenerates that the actual attackers aren’t responsible for their actions because their victims of Jewish mind control. Look I’m not trying to argue with you or anyone else just for the sake of it. Insulting people may be entertaining but it’s not that… Read more »

Tony, islam is part of the abrahamic trinity, judaism being the central one FROM abraham himself. Control is easy if the parameters of that control are inculcated and scripted. They follow a set of inveterate instructions. You don’t have to have your hand up everyone arse controlling them if they (islam) live by the very set of parameters (((they))) have given them. It all falls into place by default.

As an old ex teacher I cannot help but to assign you homework. Clap the yap, clean the ears. Tune in for 6 mos THEN try and contribute, otherwise go back ”conservative” talk radio.

No, lets not assume anything. We know it for a fact that terrorism is jewish. I couldn’t give a fuck about Islam; their average IQ is 70, so they’re not mentally capable of being a theat without jewish control. Our immediate issue is jewish terrorism feigning as Islamic, when it isn’t even real, it is just pure theatre. Duke protects the jewish lie. I don’t need to re-think my opinions based on your shitty arguments. Btw, good luck with the outreach work using a convicted felon, gambling addict and retired Grand Wanker of the KKK as your source of info. That looks fucking great and is bound to bring in the masses to our side. It is what all PR agencies do, source the worse… Read more »

Great show, guys!
Daily Dose of Degeneracy and bigotry.

Thanks for hosting, Chris. I agree with you that you don’t seem fixated on Michelle Obama. Go for it, dear!

Jeanice Barcello has a lot of important information on transexualism as well as on the degeneracy of harm-causing porn, and would make an excellent guest for a Renegade host.