Renegade Roundtable: Chris Hosts (12-31-16)

This Roundtable to usher in the New Year is hosted by chris dorsey, taking calls from Chris H, David, and Nick Spero. Topics are centered around the geopolitical powerplays made in 2016, which are setting the stage for an incendiary 2017.

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Happy New Year to all the participants in the Roundtable. A pat on the back to all of you.

Excellent years end round table gentlemen. Interesting subjects and calls.

Thank you to everyone for listening to the show. Its now time to take the next step and answer the call to arms. The Choice is yours, Remember, WE ARE The Militia……

Common sense tells us that no candidate that runs and wins the U.S. Presidency would exist unless they are in lockstep with Jews in one fashion or the other. There are two different factions of Jews vying for control of the world with two strategic means to achieve the goal but both have the same endgame agenda. Massive money is to be made by the winners of the confiscation of minerals and corporations as control is enforced more and more on the world.

Or maybe the people you’re looking at don’t have any scruples.

If you gave me $20 and told me I had to fuck over my own people, I’d tell you to keep it.

“My people” = white people who care about the survival of their own kind, regardless of their location.

Clearly, as any intellectuals here can see; We’ve got two Brainrotted Jewtards of International Zion above, or we’ve for two Fed Jew World Order Agents or Israeli Mossad JIDF Kikes. Who knows but BiBi & “wtf” are both two losers. Cucked to the extreme and if not agents, likely just Brainrotted Jewtards which got caught up in the Alt-Kike PSYOP and are too Jewtardified to get what a fact is. Get an education, and no edJEWcations don’t count. Renegade Broadcasting brings the best material also Renegade Tribune, and Chris Dorsey deserves to be President of The United States for now. Not Donald Drumpf, but it makes sense why Drumpf is president because there’s no longer an American, only an Occupied & Stolen Jewmerica. You guys… Read more »

Gee, listening to this show is almost painful. Chris ums and uhs and hesitates so often that it’s like pulling teeth. I will have to see how long I can take it before I just have to turn it off.

Why don’t you host a roundtable and show him how it’s done then?

I like the way he talks… also his umsssss. He often makes me smile and laugh, because of his special way of saying things. I find it rather charming. But it took me a while to see who the man called chris dorsey is ( I won’t mention the Hitler thing again).
I also think that David from Louisiana and Chris makes a good team 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEAR…. Heil Hitler and Heil Odin

Go back to Israel YAHU.. Did you not already hear, Jews are being persecuted all around the world and need a safe haven? You have the free will to roam Renegade, However, I also have the same free will to tell you nobody cares about what you think. How do we even know if your a man, you wont even use your real name you fool…

So many fucking jew trolls around here. Isn’t there a bris you fuck-wads could be attending.

Fuck off, cock chopper.

O.k., please all you Renegade hosts, once the music starts for a break don’t keep talking. We can’t hear you! Shut up and say we’ll be back…….please don’t keep going with your point you are trying to make….it goes into oblivion for your listeners. Chris, you are guilty. Charlie is immensely guilty and others. Music = shut up. I have no more patience for this.

So out of everything that we covered on this roundtable, that’s all you go out of it. What the hell are you even doing here anyway if your only concern is ums and uhh and talking as the music is playing??

She’s clearly 1. A Feddie Kike Agent of The Jew World Order Establishment (whether it be compromised criminal who’s being black mailed, some israeli mossad Kike, some dual israeli citizen in Jewmerica trolling, some fed agent, some random kike who doesn’t get reality because they’re jewtarded, willingly doing it or etc) 2. or it’s some Jewtard suffering still from the Jewtardification Process.
Regardless, it displays this character cannot be taken seriously. I like to pull the Dorsey-Debate-Ender, as I like to call it, and sum it up to: 1. They’re a Jew World Order Agent of some kind – or 2. They’re a Brainrotted Jewtard still suffering from The Jewtardification Process brought on by The Jew World Order.