Renegade Roundtable: Chris Hosts – Real Politik (1-28-17)

Chris speaks with Seth, Ralph, Kyle and others about facing the reality of our world and confronting the problems with our solutions.

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Jews don’t want to do physical work so they are against serving in the IDF in Israel. They do no work. That is why Hitler had the “Work Sets You Free” logo over one of the labor camps. They had raped, pillaged and plundered the Germans while doing no work. They were only the bankers, the lawyers, the shopkeepers, the bosses, the elites who did no physical work and made their money off the labor of the Germans. That is 100% exactly the same scenario that America is facing today. The Jews are reaping all the financial rewards while the American citizens work and sweat and bleed. I had a man who worked within the International Corporation where I used to work. His father was… Read more »


Two hours of serious gumption and pluck. I laughed, I cried… As for Brian Ruhe. I have been stalked by the RCMP and various local police departments for two decades now and one of their latest sad and pathetic tactics was to try and have me enter into dialogue with this idiotic character Brian Ruhe. I actually had undercover cops/informants bring him up in conversation and attempt to sway me into contacting him directly and going to meet with him. Thus, we may conclude that Brian Ruhe is a ‘character’ developed by the RCMP and Vancouver Police Department. I would argue he was either nailed for a crime and forced to work for the pigs or his ‘new’ persona was written by the police to… Read more »


Read the facts for yourself, naming names. Get this book: The New Jerusalem by Michael Collins Piper. It puts everything in perspective as to who owns the USA.


If the previous link doesn’t work, try this print friendly link:


5 (9/11?) dancing Israelies & Alex Jones spotted at the Trump Inauguration


Jesus chris, the title pic is grevious! I have to scroll down!


Excellent show. Here are some thoughts that may be taken into consideration: -We have to totally control the public media and PR for ourselves, or at least completely stop the jew from being able to use it. That way the public will have to see for themselves what is going on, and not rely on aesthetically manipulated scripted propaganda they keep displaying. People still believe what they see on the tele-jew. They play the PR game every time someone tries to go against them, and get the public behind them with their news propaganda. -The police and military still breastfeed from the jew techno-nipple. If we can get these overgrown man-children to milk nog from another mummy then we can perhaps redirect their position in… Read more »


See this great article that tells us why Israel is against Trump. This is why all of the Hollywoodheads and the Jew York News Media crowd are bashing him day and night. So all those who think Trump is awful for America, he actually is the one who can give us a leg up on this horde.


You really think spamming for trump is going to convince any one here he isn’t a shit bag jew puppet? Here’s your formula: (spam things we definitely agree with + spam a pro trump thing) = (your hope some suckers buy the trump bit + you did some positive for kikes by promoting their puppet on a forum holding out against kike puppets)


Jews have such control over the US that they are getting picky. Being 100% behind Israel isn’t enough. If Israelis aren’t happy w/Donald Gump the chump it shows they can never be satiated as he is the most pro-Israel president in American history. Your link reeks of good jew/bad jew (like good cop/bad cop) damn you for wasting 3 minutes of my life. Who gives a damn what a Jew thinks, they are not Americans not western not able to assimilate as proven by >2,ooo yrs of human history. I am all for the Madagascar Plan Part II. Damn good for nothing degenerate pederast neanderthal/Khazars.


No not Madagascar. the shitters must be packed into a metal can and sent into the sun. Madagascar is too good.


Madagascar is too nice. I like a suggestion some one else made: the south Georgia and sandwich islands. They’ve EARNED those islands. Look them up on Google maps.


I don’t know, they look kind of like Iceland, that is still way too nice, unless I am looking at the wrong pictures. Personally, as long as any of them exist they are a problem. The final solution should be final. Although how that will happen, I have no idea.


Not really neanderthal: more rosenthal and canaanite


You’ve got to be kidding me