Renegade Roundtable: Clarifying for the Cause (9-8-18)

Kyle and Sinead spend a good deal of time dealing with the whole Zen Gardner scandal and the people who defend him, and then discuss some people supposedly speak for the White cause who have raised many red flags recently, such as Handsome Truth, Patrick Little, Emily Youcis, Adam Green, and others. They also contemplate how the “elite” are using AI chessmasters, which sometimes play strange inexplicable moves because they’re playing many steps ahead. Scarlett calls in later to share her thoughts.

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Pat Little is now wanting to team up with the West borough Baptist Church. Kyle called it.
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Anthony Roberts

Is this the same West Boro Baptist Church that BBC jew, Louis Theroux, did a doc on all those years ago? The crazy christard family?

All Theroux’s docs now appear obvious contrived, total set-up psy-ops imo. 1488 twins, wrestling, Jimmy Savile, SA White supremacists, sympathetic paedo prisoners etc. All to set a narrative as to what Whites have become.

Same one!


Good job on picking up on the Westborough church connection. Never would have seen it on my own but now that you mention it…..

Dear Kyle, Sinead, et al. The good people are not only in history books but you will find very, very few in the so called White Nationalist movement or “Truther” community. I’m sure you know the camera and the microphone tend to attract attention seekers who are often some of the worst people. Most good people tend to self-censor and self-punish for their shortcomings or personal failings even when quite minor. And the “Neo-Nazi’s” have not exactly helped attract or wake up any good people over the past forty years! I don’t mean legit people like George Lincoln Rockwell or Matt Koehl and some others who are much less well known like Jost Turner. You know who I’m talking about! The “Six Million More” Bullshit… Read more »


The children of god cult just goes to show the power of the abrahamic insanity cults it was derived from. Just invoking the name of jesus seems to put some people in trance and makes them very suggestible. These days of course the word “diversity” is almost as effective.

Robert Heimdal

Very good show. I’m glad that this character E. Michael “Muh Logos” Jones is being broadly exposed as the fraud he is. So many people seem to have fallen in love with him. He really has seduced all these “Christian Truthers” alright. Keep the good work.

Here is Jeanice Barcelo in 2014 referring to Zen garder as “brother”.


Just 47 minutes into listening to this show and wanted to say that Kyle and Sinead are doing great in covering a lot of ground on who the fakes are out there and this is very useful background to me and others I’m sure.
The discussion prompted me to dig into the Children of God pedo cult which was interesting. Keep going, this is great stuff to help newer awakening folks get up to speed on the treachery permeating all of the so-called pro-white movements out there.
You really do bring seriousness to the phrase trust no-one. Must verify and vet every source these days.
Great show!


One of the best things that has happened to me in recent years was having my account blocked by Renegade (Kyle) on Twitter.
This really forced me to look deeper and to question the motives of those supposedly on our side. It took just a few weeks for me to realize that I have been far too naive and trusting.
I created another account just to be able to see Kyle’s tweets…
Good times…


Show moved as fast and as densely informative as The Silmarillion. Every name mentioned was worth its own show. I had to keep telling myself it’s okay if I don’t know every name. No one can know everything. Anyhow, thank you, and may the cream rise to the top. The game is almost like “Last Man Standing.” And who will be standing but the warriors of truth, maybe battle-worn and wounded, but here nonetheless and not false. And Scarlett, good point about gaslighting. That’s one our our greatest challenges. We are more sane than they know. Sanity is courage.


Anthony Roberts

Like with Surplus, Sinead voiced her concern, this time about Richard’s lack of basic research on paedo-advocate T.Rat, but for the good of the network, kept quiet and waited for the logical males to catch up. Me, being male and logical, gave Richard the ben-of-doubt and just thought it was a very serious, but honest oversight. No, Richard, like all previous agents, you deliberately brought on these scumbags to subvert. When i saw Ole Dummyguard was going to spout his lim-hang bs, that’s it, i was done – never listened. PS Another important Ikea – mini-folding – seats 2-3 – kitchenette – but can be mounted in a garage – table! I was up listening live, and was just about to pull the trigger, when… Read more »


Any thoughts on “ex jew” Gilad Atzmon, Jay Dyer, 21 Century Wire and crew?

No such things as ex jew. Never trust a jew.

Foster XL

“ex jew” LOL! You can’t “ex” your DNA! 😀


Good to hear some clarification. Would like to hear you speak to Max Igan as you mentioned in the show Kyle.
On the subject of people turning, I see it from a slightly different angle as somebody who is not young but still only recently woke up myself so know it can happen to anyone.
Being from another country this cult was news to me until this thing with Richard happened, evil.
You do seem to have a thing with cults over their in the U.S.