Renegade Roundtable: Confrontational & Hard-Hitting (11-17-18)

Kyle and Sinead talk about how it’s not actually the jews, but h’White people who are committing White genocide, and how we need to just focus on being folky. They then talk about UFC, tranny fighters, and a bunch of fight stuff.

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Anthony Roberts

Hey great show fellow tin-tards, but could you please stop 1″ punching to the east! These lardy-retardy neo natals have the ear of Putin, just like Dugin. Commocracy is the fourth and only theory guys. The choke’s on us!

PS Being a cusp boomer, i’ll stick to being your mat guy. “Rip their f’ing head off.” I’m an expert in tactics. Just don’t miss the bucket when you spit, snot nice. Please donate what you can afford, to these two brave souls so they can carry on grappling the enemy on all levels. Happy birthday Kyle, tap tap!


ok I tried listening to that trs episode, the one with all the nazbol bs, and I honestly couldn’t make it thirty minutes into the damn thing. (((Penovich))) sounds so jewy and grating, the striker guy is just obnoxious, they constantly talk about “globohomo gayplex”(?) which just sounds like a club Spencer would go to. They even talked about some disease you get from analinguis that I had to look up, I felt sick after reading about it and they’re just casually mentioning it. Idk what it is with jews and their scatological obsession but it’s just so off-putting that I missed most of whatever content was supposedly there. I had to sift them saying “globohomo” every five seconds to making gay sex jokes BUT… Read more »

Thanks for taking one for the team, Paige!


TRS and the whole alt-kike plus qanon to a large degree make it out to be a left vs right thing and Whites and Qtards should support the right. Yet both sides are 100% kosher despite Jews being just 5-6% of the population in the US. Both sides are also anti-White despite Whites being the largest demographic.

Someone has given the dems and GOP the name uniparty. Very appropriate and a lot of what goes on makes sense once you realize it’s true. Trump even said as much as a candidate and people still didn’t get it.

I heard you guys mention Vegainator in the show. I know you don’t like him anymore really, but can you possibly find put if he is ok? – he just vanished after he came to NSM nationals. He made a video about FBI coming an harassing him at work for basically wanting everyone to do equal work regardless of color. If anyone know if he is still alive an not in some Julag it would be great to know.

I’ve not heard from him in a while either.
I just called him on his cell phone.
No answer… though his voice mail came on, which is a good sign I think.
I also sent him a message.
I’ll let you know if and when he replies.

Cool thanks for checking on him.


Speaking of people who just dropped off . I have not seen anything from DWP James Lancia since his youtube channel got taken down months ago .


His videos showed he lived with his brother. Can’t someone reach out to him if they know him to find out if he’s okay and not locked up somewhere?

Maybe he’s off trying to control women with “violence, force, and intimidation.” I always thought it was quite humorous how a man who was screwing black girls months prior, now needed to emphasize how we must “control our women.”


Yes indeed, The MAGA hat was sent. That was a couple weeks ago. I assume its waiting in your PO BOX Since it hasn’t been returned to me in postage.

Thanks Hank! We’re going to have fun with this lol


It may not be the style you’re expecting, but perhaps you can give Baked Alaska a good run for his money.

We got it! We are going to have some fun with it today!


around the 33-35 minute mark USSR doping turns women into men for professional / olympic sports to show the ”strength” of communism.

The Lost World of Communism (Part 1)

If you were to meet this ”man” you would never be able to tell that ”he” was born a She, named Heidi.
Seriously disturbing.

We all know that the ”world of communism” was never lost, nor did it end.
The only thing to ”fall” was the Berlin wall.


NFL 33 coding. Redskins quarterback Alex Smith has gruesome leg injury exactly 33 years to the day that Joe Theisman suffered his horrific injury. No shit, this article actually mentions the 33 year connection. In this phony fake world the sports are rigged and scripted and the football players are nothing more than athletic entertainers.


MSN has removed the link above. The new MSN story does not mention the 33 year connection, but it most definitely was 33 years ago to the day. Also, note that in both the game where Theisman’s leg was broken as well as the one today where Smith’s leg was broken, the final score was 23 – 21. 23 is two threes which is 33. Also the article states that the leg-breaking tacklers in both games were 3 time defensive players of the year. Yet more 33 coding.


This comment is not about the show, sorry, i am just trying to point counter argument to ones who still like to complain why Hitler attacked USSR, when Stalin “trusted” him so much.


Boys For Sale (1981 Forgotten Documentary)


Inside Florida’s Paedophile Colony


I thought this was going to be about Disney World.


Europe’s Paedophiles Holiday Hotspot


Phony fake coverage of the wildfires in CA. Note we have Parrot in Paradise and Pilgrim in Paradise. It’s the PP hoax code, which Jewrassic Liars always talks about.


They may be making a mockery of what is going on as usual, but I doubt this is a hoax.

Are you trying to say the fires are “fake”?


The Decline Of Western Civilization (1981)
The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years
The Decline of Western Civilization III – Full Punk Rock Documentary [1998]


Joe “The Thumb” Rogan is a creepy jew FTM tranny. A tatted up FTM hard on the T is one of the grossest things on plane-T earth.

Foster XL

Dude, you’re posting tranny vid links under every show atm – do you think maybe you’re just watching too much of that stuff? I mean we get it, there’s definitely tranny celebrities being presented to the public as the opposite gender but you’re really starting to sound just a little obsessed now! Maybe it’s time to just keep that shit yourself if you can’t keep away from it lol! Youtube will do your head in if you let it you know!


Just dispensing information, bro, which you and others were not aware of. Did you know The Thumb was a tranny? I seriously doubt it. The tranny agenda is absolutely massive and barely touched upon by the awake “goyem”. Go back and look at every last jew feminist who wrecked this country from Gloria Steinem to Gloria Allred, and you will find they are all fucking trannies. Look at them. Seriously…….go look at them. All the women in this country who have bit hard on the feminist shit bait were taking the advice of deviant jew men masquerading as women. That is beyond pathetic. To deny and hide from the ages-old tranny agenda is to err and err greatly. This is a topic which needs to… Read more »

Foster XL

Good luck “proving” it to them & hey if you’re as passionate as you sound about it then go for your life! But yeah, as an observation posting tranny comments under every show on Renegade is probably only making you look obsessive (at least) as most people here have probably already dealt with this subject to some extent.


What’s your opinion on this video “Triumph of the Trannies: Nazi Masonic Theater”, Renny? This is a video from one of the Youtubers that I’ve noticed you have already linked to us several times here in the comments. I’m interested in knowing if you share this stance in regards to the NS leadership from back then.

If not, can you disprove her claims?

Foster XL

Good point Nathan BUT… EVERYONE’S a tranny on the flat earth if you spend your nights watching Youtube LOL! My suggestion is to spend less time getting sucked down rabbit holes & more time going to the gym, interacting with actual people & DOING real things that will help you deal with everyday realities. Like with most things in life, never-ending discussion about shit you personally can’t prove or DO anything about gets you absolutely nowhere. How many hours/days/weeks/months/years of peoples’ lives do you think have been wasted just discussing shit in forums & chat rooms (with no physical outcome) since they first appeared online?! Get real…


It’s fine, Foster XL. It might not look like it, but I have no interest in his videos any more than you (and the other people lurking here) do.

Still, I want to hear his response to my question.

Foster XL

All good Nat. My comment was aimed more at people like Renny who’ve obviously fallen into the “omg everyone’s a tranny” rabbit hole (or have other motivations). Btw, I’d be surprised if he addresses your questions there to any satisfactory extent – backing up rabid postings of “transvestigation” youtube links with a concise evaluation based on any deep independent investigative analysis is not very common! To play Devil’s Advocate I wonder how many believers have actually gone & researched actual scientific anatomy & physiology texts to see if there’s any real basis for the anatomical evaluations that are being made in these videos especially with regard to anomalies that are blurry between the genders. I’d wager most just believe what they’re being told & NEVER… Read more »